Anthony and Tony first met in the mid-70s when a fellow Neapolitan, Renato Brunas began promoting hair shows. Like Anthony, Tony had created a business, Sanrizz, with his brothers, and their similar backgrounds, interests and love of hairdressing has drawn them together. Over the years the two regularly met backstage at hairdressing events and shows whilst they followed similar work trajectories.

In 1982, Tony and his wife Maggie, sadly lost their first born son, Valentino, to Leukaemia and later that year, Tony decided to put on a charity hair show during the weekend of Salon International, to raise money for Leukaemia Research. The show was a huge success and 38 years on, having raised over £12 Million pounds, the Alternative Hair Show is an enduring event supporting research programmes and families with children suffering from blood cancers.

In 2003 Tony asked Anthony Mascolo to take the position of Global President of Alternative Hair. Since then, the two have become close friends and Anthony has become a passionate supporter of the charity.

In this first 1 ON 1 Anthony talks to Tony about their families, their artistry, the goals of Alternative Hair and the passionate belief and incredible drive that pushes Tony to continually support his charitable foundation, Fighting Leukaemia. Supported by hairdressing teams from across the Globe, each show has a theme and creates many memorable moments.

Anthony explores Tony’s memories and experiences in this passionate and fascinating interview.

For more information on the Alternative Hair chairty foundation, please visit www.alternativehair.org

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