The global time spent on social media has rocketed over the last two months, with plenty of people complaining of sore fingers and aching hands from continually holding their phones.

Globally there has been a 50% increase in social media usage, with 15% rises on Friday and Saturday nights, as staying-in on Zoom becomes the new going-out!  And, as the weeks have past, people have begun looking for light-hearted content and ways to plan for the future post COVID-19, which is where you come in. Of course, we know every woman is clamouring to get a hair appointment as soon as you reopen, but at the same time there may be some fear of venturing into a salon. This means the time is right to share as much information about your salon, your team and your services in a friendly, attractive and detailed way, to show your expertise, your professionalism and your superior service.

Share information on the changes to your salon and your services

TIGI Fuse has come up with a few tips to help you get your communication right. Whether you are using social media, your website, email or even phone calls to connect with your clients, it’s important they know what they can expect when they first visit you.

1. Plan your messaging carefully

Select images to illustrate your messaging, either from free web sources or photos of you, your team and your salon. Remember, your clients may feel nervous of coming to your salon, so take care to explain and reassure them you have their safety (and that of your team) in place.

2. Be consistent with your posts

Regular posting (preferably everyday) will give you a better chance of being seen and your clients will start to look for your posts.

3. Communicate your new procedures

Tell a ‘story’ to explain how your salon will reopen and the procedures for booking appointments. If you are getting booked up already, share days and times that are still free.

4. Make Health & Safety a priority

Explain and show your clients the extensive health and safety measures you are putting in place. Take photographs to illustrate your messages.

5. Explain the new salon journey

Describe the new salon journey from the moment they walk through the door to the moment they leave, so they can visualise the changed experience, the longer time needed and regulations that will be in force.

6. Talk about colour testing

Create messages to ensure your colour clients understand about colour re-testing and the need for a consultation prior to their colour appointment.

More more information on skin testing, see the Colour Wise advice.

7. Recommend hair products

Talk to them about hair products and if you can, think about retailing to them and having products delivered to their homes.

8. Share style ideas

Clients have doubtless been thinking a lot about their hair and what they would like to have done when they visit you. But it’s also good to show your creativity, by sharing ideas for hair colours and hairstyles so you can inspire, inform and tempt your clients to go for a new look.

Find out the latest trends for the season. Read what’s hot in colour with advice from Christel Barron-Hough.

9. Shout about your great customer service

Service has never been more important! So, share details of the highly professional service you will give your clients when you reopen (even if this is something they know you always do!)

10. Reintroduce your team & tell your clients you miss them

Send your clients messages telling them how much you are looking forward to seeing them and thank them for waiting for you. Take this opportunity to reintroduce your team too.

Even if you are already booked up for months after you re-open, it is still important to build and maintain communication to promote your salon and market your services. Hopefully you will be very busy, actually doing hair, but remember, you need to talk about your business, and you need to build the feel-good factor at every opportunity.

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