From the 2015 Academy Collection: Christel Lundqvist creates an expensive look and feel using a block colour technique.
In this short cutting tutorial, Akos Bodi creates a mid-length layering technique on head block.
Fuse talks to TIGI hairdressers to find out their favourite products and top tips for creating super shiny hair.
What is TIGI Modern Retro? Anthony Mascolo explains.
'Sharing is caring' is the theme for April, as we aim to support you as much as possible through this changing time.
From the Shift Collection 2017: Gianni D'Assero presents Ethereal Power; a long layered hair cutting technique that creates softness around the face.
From the Shift Collection 2017: Philip Downing shows how to use a layered cutting technique to create fashion-inspired curls.
From the Shift Collection 2017: in this tutorial, Joel Torres embraces hair's natural texture to create a true style statement.
From the 2015 Academy Collection: Akos Bodi creates Grunge Deluxe; a mid-length layering technique that gives the ultimate texture.
The TIGI International Technical Team share their favourite trending tones for the season.
Fuse explores how hairdressers can use and embrace social media as a tool for client communication.
From the 2016 Academy Collection: Anthony Mascolo creates a soft and contemporary version of his iconic cutting technique, the Undercut.
From the Shift Collection 2017: Gen Itoh presents Neon Flux; a bold, futuristic-inspired mullet.
From the Shift Collection 2017: Piero Gentile presents Hip Hop Halo; a multipe inversion cutting technique that enhances natural movement.
From the Shift Collection 2017: Stephanie Senner takes inspiration from the early 2000s' pop culture for this bold colour placement technique.
Fuse speaks to barber and men's mental health campaigner, Tom Chapman, on founding his charity and how to look after wellbeing.
From the Shift Collection 2017: Renee Valerie creates a relaxed and romantic look, using tones of Peach Chiffon and Apricot.
Fuse spoke with salons on how they are continuing to market their businesses during closure. This is their advice.
Join the TIGI International Creative live for inspiration, education and conversation. Find out what's coming up this week.
US Technical Education Director, Renee Valerie, shares a few tips on how clients can disguise their regrowth at home.
From the Academy Collection 2016: Kerrie O'Reilly uses a lightening and toning technique to add a dramatic edge to the Undercut.
From the Shift Collection 2017: Richy Kandasamy uses shades of Nylon Red and Neon Orange to create a striking, futuristic look.
From the Shift Collection 2017: Create contemporary shades of Almond Blonde and Maplewood, inspired by seasonal trends.
From the Shift Collection 2017: learn how to create high fashion, haute couture shades of Saddle Blonde and Hessian in this colour tutorial.
From the Shift Collection 2017: using shades of Rich Coffee and Truffle, create the perfect look for street-style fashionistas.
From the Shift Collection 2017: Thomas Osborn presents the Casual Vixen; a layered cutting technique with a relaxed and romantic texture.

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