A highlight of the We Are One TIGI Convention, held earlier this month in Westminster, London, was the Designer Collection, created by Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI International Creative Team. The presentation was an inspirational display of the modern “zeitgeist” of fashion, expressed through hair, make-up and, ultimately, the style of TIGI, depicting a totally colourful future.

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The collection was a match made in heaven for the rebellious nature of Bed Head DNA. We went backstage to find out how the International Creative Team used Bed Head to create the stand-out looks.



This theme saw TIGI European Creative Director, Akos Bodi, pay homage to punk and graffiti influences. Bodi gave references of modern rebellion and the Metal band Rage Against The Machine as the inspiration behind this look. It was about being bold and disruptive, with a combination of bold, textured hair and graffiti slogans decorating the model’s outfit in keeping with the Activist theme. The hair was prepped with Joyride, blow-dried straight and styled with Manipulator Matte to achieve a separated look, and then finished off with Masterpiece for added hold and shine.



Eclectic, fearless exuberance was the inspiration for this look. Reflecting TIGI’S rebellious and bold history, the model wore a statement-studded mask to complement the theme. Akos Bodi first prepped this messy ‘hair-up’ look using Superstar Queen for a Day to create plenty of volume. He then applied Manipulator Matte to separate the hair and add grip, before finishing with Hard Head hairspray for a reliable strong hold finish.



‘Romance meets gothic fairytale’ was the inspiration for this look, perfectly pairing romantic waves with biker chic styling. On this look, Akos says “Simplicity and subtle detail within the hair complement the intricacies of the outfit. A shiny, mirror-like surface was created, along with a middle parting to give confidence and strength to the overall look.”

The sleek waves at the front were created using Control Freak for optimum shine, and finished with Hard Head hairspray for all-night-long styling longevity.



To create this look, the TIGI Creative Team paid homage to Sci-Fi films such as Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell, as well as iconic Manga movies, brought to life with an abundance of intensely radiant colours and an asymmetrical haircut.

The top section was created using pre-coloured hair pieces to give an added Anime feel to the look. To achieve the textured, choppy styling throughout, the hair was prepared with Small Talk to amplify volume and build body, and then finished with Headrush for an all-over shine.



The Poetic Dreamer took inspiration from Parisian movie The Dreamers, looking at rebellious activists’ style, combined with effortlessly on-trend styling. The hairstyle is an iconic Bed Head look and no TIGI night would be complete without a short graphic bob!

The look was created using Superstar Queen for a Day for a thicker and fuller look, and then finished with Headrush for enhanced shine, and Hard Head hairspray for a long-lasting hold throughout the entire night.


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  • Cut & Styling: Anthony Mascolo   /  
  • Akos Bodi   /  
  • Maria Kovacs   /  
  • Thomas Osborn   /  
  • Piero Gentile   /  
  • Gen Itoh   /  
  • Josh Mascolo   /  
  • Colour: Christel Lundqvist   /  
  • Warren Boodaghians   /  
  • Kerrie O'Reilly   /  
  • Photography: Alex Barron-Hough   /  
  • Make-up: Pat Mascolo
  • Amy Barrington
  • Styling & Original Pieces: Jiv D   /