TIGI fashion stylist Jiv D was ahead of many of his peers in the fashion industry with his mindful approach to ethical clothing production, as well as the negative impact fashion can have on our environment.

Over the years, for both shoots and shows, Jiv has often adapted and remade clothes to fit the creative brief, and in 2009, for TIGI World Release, Jiv worked with Anthony Mascolo to create a story entitled ‘Recycled Couture’.

tg-recycle02 087
The ‘Coca Cola Dress’

This concept looked both at the strength of communication of branding as well as the design and reuse of simple day to day products. Featuring outfits designed by Gary Harvey, that use a variety materials from plastic laundry bags to box packaging and newspapers, Jiv curated a visually exciting collection in collaboration with Anthony, the TIGI Creative Team, Pat Mascolo and her makeup team.

Five stories were created using: Coca-Cola cardboard packaging, boxes of Persil washing powder, checkered plastic laundry bags, distressed and recycled denim, and back-issues of the Financial Times.

tg-recycle01 144
The ‘Persil Dress’
DSC_5543 copy

To emphasise the overall looks, the TIGI Creative Team created a series of wigs: a red bob with stencilling to complete the Coca-Cola style; painted hair pieces created to echo the white, red and green colouring of Persil boxes; knotted shapes to upscale the laundry bag dress; a dreadlocked, white painted wig to emphasise the aged denim; and lastly, a fine matted wig, sprayed with copy including a cheeky reference to the acquisition of TIGI by Unilever, to complete the concept of ‘new news’ using the Financial Times.

The collection added drama to the 2009 TIGI World Release, a show that was applauded by TIGI audiences across the globe.

tg-recycle02 110
The ‘Coca Cola Dress’
tg-recycle02 132
tg-recycle01 281
The ‘Financial Times Dress’
tg-recycle01 206
tg-recycle02 020
The ‘Laundry Bag Dress’
IMG_1971 copy


  • Hair: TIGI International Creative Team
  • Photography: Anthony Mascolo   /  
  • Fashion Styling: Jiv D   /  
  • Fashion Design: Gary Harvey