From the TIGI Academy 2016 Collection: Maria Kovacs shows how to create texture and movement with a touchable finish.
Philip Downing explains how he uses TIGI Copyright Multi Tasking Styling Cream to give life to dull hair and create 'second day' looks.
In this short video, Philip Downing shares his product knowledge and tips for using TIGI Copyright Colour Lustre Oil.
Philip Downing shares his tips and advice for styling curls and fighting the frizz.
TIGI’s education experts explain how you can use retailing as a way to set up your salon for future success.
DO try this at home: Philip Downing shares a simple trick to help develop scissor control.
From the TIGI Academy Collection 2016: Akos Bodi creates movement and a strong outline with this transient layering technique.
From the 2015 Academy Collection: Christel Lundqvist creates an expensive look and feel using a block colour technique.
Fuse explores how hairdressers can use and embrace social media as a tool for client communication.
From the TIGI Academy Collection 2016: Maria Kovacs takes inspiration from the 1960s to create a retro look with a modern twist.
Akos Bodi gives a fresh approach to a favourite 90s' look.
From the 2015 Academy Collection: Stephanie Valente uses a freehand blending technique to create soft tones of pale truffle and smoked lavender.
From the TIGI Academy Collection 2016: Renee Valerie uses a Diffused Silhouette technique to create contrast in the hair and frame the face.
Taking inspiration from global trends, Gen Itoh creates an androgynous, graduated cut for this at-home hair tutorial.
From the TIGI Academy Collection 2016: Christel Barron-Hough creates Base Shading, a technique that enhances depth and tone to create a textural finish.
From the 2015 Academy Collection: Akos Bodi creates Grunge Deluxe; a mid-length layering technique that gives the ultimate texture.
Fuse talks to TIGI hairdressers to find out their favourite products and top tips for creating super shiny hair.
From virtual consultations to selecting the right colour services, try these ideas to get your salon prepared.
Does your salon have an Instagram Business account? Here's everything you need to know to get yourself set up.
Catch up on the latest live sessions from Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI Creative Team, plus their special guests.
Joel Torres shares a variation of the iconic Undercut in this cutting tutorial.
From the 2010 Anthems Collection: Anthony Mascolo creates the ultimate Bed Head style with his favourite cutting technique, the Undercut.
Joel Torres shares The Metallic Undercut, a bold yet commercial textured look.
Philip Downing explains why this is his go-to product for creating texture and second-day hair.
In this short cutting tutorial, Akos Bodi creates a mid-length layering technique on head block.
From the 2016 Academy Collection: Anthony Mascolo creates a soft and contemporary version of his iconic cutting technique, the Undercut.

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