Euro Grunge takes inspiration from the late 80s and early 90s’ club scene in Berlin and Eastern Europe, where hedonistic ‘club kids’ showed off their ‘DIY’ colours and cuts.

Stylist, Nori Mitsugoto, cocktails and layers Bed Head by TIGI products to create a textured, lived-in look, complemented by the shades of denim grey and mushroom tones.  Lucy Hicks uses a Grunge Shading technique, ideal for clients that want a relaxed look with tones that will fade out clean.


Follow the steps for this creative cutting technique.

Follow the steps for this creative colour technique.


  • Cut & Styling: Norimitsu Goto   /  
  • Colour: Lucy Hicks   /  
  • Photography: Alex Barron-Hough   /  
  • Make-up: Katie Moore   /