Keep clients up to date with your plans for reopening and the safety measures you are taking.
Colour corrections, added time, higher costs…. What’s the best approach to communicate with your colour clients now?
Make sure you're winning with 'wellness' when your salon reopens.
TIGI is here to support you, your business, and your team.
It’s time for your clients to earn their stripes!
TIGI’s education experts explain how you can use retailing as a way to set up your salon for future success.
Salon owner, Susan Grant, explains how she has created a totally sustainable salon, from construction to community.
Catch-up on last week’s live conversations with the TIGI Creative Team.
TIGI US Technical Director, Renee Valerie, shares her tips for identifying a Gloss client, and the best colour services to offer.
If you didn't catch last week's Fuse Sessions with Anthony Mascolo, you can still watch them here.
Discover ways to retail at-home care to your clients.
Back in the salon for her first hair appointment since Lockdown began, Birgit Meicht describes her visit to Fille et Garcon salon in Stuttgart, Germany.
Anthony reveals what's coming up on TIGI Fuse this month.
Now is a time we can start planning for a successful salon future. Fuse speaks to owner of UK chain, Forresters, on the steps he's taking.
Delivering education, inspiration, and conversation each week, live with the TIGI International Creative Team. Catch-up on last week's sessions.
Is it time to think differently?
Philip Downing explains why this is his go-to product for creating texture and second-day hair.
Join the TIGI International Creative live for inspiration, education and conversation. Find out what's coming up this week.
Anthony Mascolo is working on something new and exciting for Fuse. Watch this video to find out more.
TIGI Fuse Sessions delivers inspiration, education and live conversation each week with the International Creative Team and their guests. Catch up on last week's sessions.
As salons re-open across Germany, we look at the new guidelines and what that might mean for other countries in the coming weeks.
TIGI salons explain how they are doing during lockdown and their plans for reopening.
Birthday wishes to the main man, Anthony Mascolo.
This week we are talking about sustainability. This is a word that doesn’t usually sit with hair colour, and yet, TIGI Copyright Colour ticks lots of boxes.
Take the fear out of your social media marketing! We've compiled our top tips to help you with all things social.
TIGI Fuse Sessions: delivering inspiration, education and live conversation each week. Catch-up on last week's chats with the TIGI Creative Team.
What is TIGI Modern Retro? Anthony Mascolo explains.

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