TIGI is about creativity, inspiration and communication. The long held ethos of sharing new ideas and working with hairdressers to push the professionalism of hairdressing is part of the heritage of TIGI and philosophy, and teaching of TIGI founder, Anthony Mascolo.

Taking these influential concepts has led to the founding of a newly created TIGI French Team, where TIGI educators and TIGI partners from key salons have come together to create ‘un élixir rétro-futuriste’ or ‘retro-futuristic elixir’.

FINAL_ZAVI_011144_V1 copy
FINAL_JEMIMA_010952_V1 copy

Recently, the newly formed team came to London for a photo shoot with the team at Bed Head Studios. Using their detailed mood boards, the French Team showed their overall vision to create the Culte collection, an interpretation of some of the memorable TIGI imagery created in recent years.

“The first collection by the team comprises eight visuals, created to allow you to examine the images from different perspectives, to reinterpret the looks according to your wishes and desires” explains Joelline Gentil, TIGI France Education Manager, who led the team.

The aim of the collaboration focuses on softness and simplicity, echoing new cultural and fashion trends, taking TIGI Classics, reconfiguring the looks into current trends.

FINAL_PEDRO_010520_V1 copy
FINAL_STAN_020857_V1 copy
FINAL_MAGDA_021519_V1 copy

Together, with the TIGI French Education Team, the salons working on the collection were:

Luis MARTIN – Cortes
Alan ALARCON – Soho By Alan
Nicolas FOVANNA – Elite Coiffure
Morgan BARATTE – Art de l’Ame

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FINAL_TAMSIN_010281_V1 copy
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For more information on TIGI Education in France, please contact or +33 141 965 754.


  • Hair: Alan Alarcon
  • Morgan Baratte
  • Nicolas Fovanna
  • Luis Martin
  • The TIGI France Education Team
  • Photography: Mauro Carraro   /  
  • Make-up: Kate Tighe   /  
  • Fashion Styling: Jiv D   /