Anthony interviews Sam Villa, online education pioneer and ‘the nicest man in hairdressing’.


Anthony Mascolo has described Sam Villa as ‘the nicest man in hairdressing’. In the second of his One on One interviews for TIGI Fuse, Anthony talks to Sam about his career and how he has achieved his many accolades, including 2020 International Hair Influencer. Without a doubt, these two icons have similarities. Both believe 100% in helping their peers achieve their dreams. Both have made lasting changes to the hairdressing industry and both have a passion for education, sharing their knowledge and doing things differently to challenge the status quo. We guarantee this will be a fascinating insight into the work of these two great hairdressers leaving you inspired and wanting more!

See last week’s episode with Tony Rizzo, when the pair discussed their career histories, working with Vidal Sassoon, and the important work of the Alternative Hair Show in raising charity for children with Leukaemia.

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