Anthony interviews Robert Lobetta, talking all things shoots, campaigns and their long-lasting friendship.


Anthony first became aware of Robert Lobetta’s work when he was a young hairdresser, still in his teens. In this fascinating interview for Fuse, Anthony discusses the influence Robert’s work has had on his career. Over the years the pair have become far more than just friends, in fact Anthony describes Robert Lobetta as ‘a brother’ and their two families spend as much time as they can together.

Robert tells how he began his career in Ricci Burns salon in the Kings Road, London UK and how, one day, he was given a wig and told to go on an editorial shoot, which he’d never done before! An image from the shoot became the cover of a top fashion magazine of the era, and that experience was to change Robert’s career. Anthony discusses with Robert his career trajectory from editorial shoots to major advertising campaigns, through to working as an artist and creating incredible collages. They also discuss the very similar working relationship they have with their wives and how Pat Mascolo and Kay Lobetta have been pivotal in their work and their success. In fact, Anthony and Robert have much in common, but one thread going through their interview, apart from their close relationship, is their creative genius and their ongoing strive for perfection. This is an interview not to be missed.

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