Is it time to think differently?

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Go green and bring the outside in, like at The Social salon. Credit: The Social

Today marks the 50th celebration of World Earth Day. Not surprisingly, the theme is climate action. World Earth Day is recognised as the planet’s largest civic movement and is credited with launching the modern environment movement in 1970, in response to an environment in crisis resulting from oil spills, smog, and pollution.

Earth Day 2020 is calling for a historic moment “when citizens of the world rise up in a united call for the creativity, innovation, ambition, and bravery that we need to meet our climate crisis and seize the enormous opportunities of a zero-carbon future.”

Natural materials and greenery at Albion House.  Credit: Albion House

Perhaps this is a signal to all of us to think in a more sustainable way, for our future, our health and our wellbeing, so that we humans can successfully coexist with the biosphere. Importantly, as more and more people try to lead more sustainable lives, including salon clients of course, it is important to think about sustainability from both a caring and business perspective.

TIGI is part of the Unilever family, and the parent company is 100% committed to changing the way it operates in order to reduce environmental impact by half over the next 10 years, improving health and wellbeing and enhancing the livelihoods as part of the UN Sustainable Goals.

In celebration of World Earth Day, TIGI Fuse has looked at some sustainable ideas to inspire you. We’re sure, reopening your salon is at the forefront of your mind, but this is also a time when you can think of making small changes which are very likely to appeal to your clients, may actually save money, and will help you create a work place that is more ecological and environmentally friendly.

Keeping it Green at The Social.  Credit: The Social


1. Single use coffee pods. George Clooney may be very persuasive, but those little single-use coffee pots are terrible for the environment!

2. Appointment Cards. Are you still using printed cards? It’s not only cheaper to send a text reminder, it saves money on print and stops wastage on card. If someone wants your telephone number and address, they can take a photo with their phone.

3. China cups and saucers. Are you still using disposable coffee cups? Most cannot be recycled and are complete wastage. Yes, using cups or mugs requires washing up, but this is so much more eco-friendly. The same goes for plastic or paper water cups. Encourage clients to bring their own water bottles, or provide glasses.

4. Recycling. This might sound obvious but are you and your staff doing it efficiently? Do you have different bins to recycle/compost waste?

5. Compost! This includes shredded paper and coffee grounds.

6. Don’t throw things away. When you are replacing things in your salon, consider selling what you no longer want or donating them to someone else, or recycle where possible.

7. Reduce paper. Remove your business from junk mail so that you receive less post.

8. Keep your own database up to date. This means if you want to do a mail-shot it will only reach relevant people. But of course, a good email database is even more efficient and better for the environment, and your communication.

9. Embrace renewable energy. Where possible look to green electricity sales.

10. Turn down the temperature. It might sound obvious but reducing the temperature of central heating or air conditioning, as well as water temperature, can be remarkably advantageous environmentally and in terms of cost.

11. Switch off! When you’re not using a floor in your salon or when the salon’s closed, remember to switch off the lights, don’t leave phone chargers switched on or any other equipment in electric sockets.

12. Make your environment ‘greener’ with little touches such as plants which produce oxygen, and help against CO2 emissions.


Remember the smallest changes all help.

  • Cover Image: The Social