We ask Social expert, Joel Torres, how to be (Christmas) present on your social media through the Holidays.

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December is always a frantic month for hairdressers. Not only are you trying to please every client wanting an appointment, but also thinking about business goals and ambitions for the new year.

Which is why we want to remind you, even if you are very busy: Don’t ignore your social media platforms.

Now is the time to keep reminding clients and non-clients about your retail offering and especially Christmas gift packs. And, if you’re unlucky enough to have spare appointments, ensure you are pushing those free times as the chances are some people would like an appointment but assumed none would be available and haven’t contacted you.

More importantly, this is the time to show how you stand out against your local competition: The special services you offer, your health and safety processes, and how you keep up with trends.

We asked TIGI Social Media guru, Joel Torres to give us some tips to keep both your social media going through busy times and build your following through to the new year:

1. Post regularly and schedule your posts if possible, ideally using an app such as Later or Planoly. If you haven’t got the time (or inspiration) to manage this, then get help from your team or a social media expert. There are a lot of freelancers who can support you.

2. Connection is important. Respond to all comments and DMs (direct messages.) This requires time but helps build your following.

3. Think ‘who’ you want to respond to you. For example, if your main purpose is communicating with and building up your clientele, then focus on a local area and follow relevant hashtags.

4. Share your clients’ gratitude in Stories. For example, if they post their new look on their accounts, repost and thank them too.

5. This is the time to give back, and by offering little things via social media you can make people feel special and enhance their loyalty. Why not create customised (quick) festive treatments during December that you offer as a gift, but will charge for in January.

6. Share quotes, inspirational words and memes. This is a great way to build following and engagement.

7. Send festive greetings to both regular clients and new clients. Christmas cards may no longer be in vogue but everyone likes a special message, and it’s a great way to engage with potential new clients.

8. Follow! It’s important to follow other people to build followers, unless you happen to be a big celebrity and everyone wants to follow you of course! Follow your clients, other businesses in your area and people who live in your area. Like and comment on their posts so people see your brand.

9. Give people a reason to follow you: Be visual, be informative, be interesting, be entertaining, be real!

10. Reach out to your community. Spend 10-15 minutes searching through new followers or local hashtags and engage with people by starting a conversation. This builds for the future.

11. Sell yourself! Social media is your great ally, use it to freely promote your brand. Don’t underestimate its power and the power of influencers.

12. Use social media to humanise your brand. Show people who you really are, as a person, a team and a salon brand.

Social media has become increasingly important, as it has become very obvious this year. From huge international brands to artisans, social media is a vital part of marketing and communications in today’s world. You cannot afford to be invisible.

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