Take the fear out of your social media marketing! We've compiled our top tips to help you with all things social.

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These days we all know social media is important to grow any business, but if we’re not careful it can be something that takes a lot of investment in time and doesn’t achieve what we’re hoping.

Before you go ahead and blindly post pictures hoping it will grow your business, think what you want to achieve. Is it to grow your clientele? Is it to attract a certain demographic, for instance younger clients, mature clients (who are likely to come more regularly), colour clients, or perhaps more male clients? Do you want to inspire your team, build your retailing, grow your business, or make your mark in your local community? Each of these topics will require a slightly different message.

It might be that you want to achieve all of the above but the important thing is to know what you want, set your goals and plan.

So here are our 20 tips to help you grow your social media this year.

  1. Decide what you want to achieve. This is paramount.
  2. Social Media needs managing. Do you have the time? If not, who can do this for you?
  3. Research the best hashtags to use to your advantage. Use general hairdressing hashtags that are relevant to your images and tap into any that are trending.
  4. Save these hashtags in Notes on your phone so you can copy and paste them into a post without having to start afresh each time. Although it’s best to vary slightly from time to time.
  5. Interact! Comment on people’s posts that are of value to you. This could be other local businesses, creative people, photographers, designers and, of course, clients.
  6. Plan your posts! Think ahead for a few weeks. Are you doing anything newsworthy? Going on a training course, doing a charity event, stocking new products or colours?If you add this into your calendar it will be easier to populate your account.
  7. Remember you can share your Instagram posts onto Facebook and Twitter (go into settings to do this).
  8. Make sure your posts are interesting. Don’t just put up a picture; tell a story and an explanation.
  9. If you post a picture of a product, don’t just say what it is; say what it does why you and your team love it to encourage product purchases.
  10. If you show a colour, does the technique have a name? Can you promote the colourist who did it? And always give some kind of explanation to attract new colour clients explaining why this colour could change someone’s life!

11. Mix it up. Don’t go down the route of endless back-views of split squares with a before and after. There are so many images like this so try using carousels, videos and varied content to keep your feed interesting.

12.Think about creating a ‘Selfie Spot’ in the salon where clients can take a picture of their new style for their own social media, and you can shoot them to use on your social media (with their permission of course).

13. Keep up to date with celebrity looks. If you don’t reference them your clients will! A film star’s new cut or colour, hair at events like the Oscars and Met Gala are always inspiring.

14. Use your clients to endorse you. If they love their hair and allow you to take a photo of their style, then ask them for a quote.

15. Get your team involved. Brainstorm ideas for content. Get them to post on their own social media pages. Promote them so they feel loyal and inspired.

16. Create your own hashtags, perhaps using your mission statement and ensure you put this on all your posts.

17. Engage with your audience: make sure you reply to every comment on your posts and Stories. This is really important.

18. Set time aside to grow your social media, even if you aren’t the one physically posting, you need to know what’s being posted and monitor the results.

19. Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, spring, summer, autumn or winter… use every opportunity to post something and build into your digital marketing plans.

20. Promote your social media handles on everything in the salon so your clients can follow you and get involved.

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