'Tis the season to promote your hairdressing salon on Instagram!

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Used correctly, your Social Media can help grow your profits over the holiday season. To win, you need to plan, promote and personalise.

Across the board brands have been quick to recognise the power of social media in promoting their products over the ‘giving’ season and, this year, this is particularly important to maximise sales and profits.

Globally 40% of consumers begin their gift shopping before the end of October and Halloween. While we may inwardly laugh when we see Christmas decorations in stores in August, even in ‘normal times’ this encourages people to buy. Now more than ever, utilising your social media can only be to your advantage.


Last year, almost half of e-commerce sales were on smartphones. Instagram has now become one of the fastest-growing visual platforms, and it is perfect to attract potential customers to your brand. And that means your clients are looking for gift ideas and gift experiences on Instagram, for not just family and friends, but themselves too.

Use your Instagram to benefit your business this holiday season. Your promotions need to be viewed personally. It’s important to know how to create the most attractive promotions to entice your current clients as well as potential clients who discover you on your Social Media platforms.

Here are some ideas to promote your business and increase your retail sales.

Get it While it’s Hot!
Short-term, time-limited offers often encourage sales. All over Instagram, there are Influencers promoting brands with short-term offers. It’s a fact: creating urgency to purchase, encourages sales. So think about creating discounts or special services that are only available for a short time. It’s a proven tactic!

Up to the Last Minute
While some purchasers start looking for gift ideas in August, there will always be those that wait until the last moment. So, it’s good to keep the Super Saturday (the last Saturday before Christmas) in mind when creating your seasonal promotions. This kind of customer will want last-minute gift ideas, and this is where you can help! An eye-catching post scheduled at this time can really help your retail sales. You can either use your Christmas packs or create personalised services.

Get Organised!
Plan your posts so there’s no rush to get something up over the holiday period. If you are short on time, use a platform such as Later.com to schedule your posts.

Everyone Loves a Reward
People like to receive, get things for free or be rewarded for loyalty. Running a giveaway on Instagram is a huge enticement to boost your seasonal retail sales. In this way, you can highlight your services and your products at the same time. Why not plan a giveaway for a TIGI Copyright treatment, or run 24 days of prizes throughout December?


1. Promote your holiday gifting
Let your clients and followers know what gifts you are stocking this Christmas. Help guide product purchase by advising who the gift is suited to, and list the FAB (Features, Attributes and Benefits).

Don’t forget to let people know how they can buy from you, for example, through your salon website, over the phone, or through an Instagram or Facebook store. Are you running click and collect, in-store pick-ups or delivery services? Let your followers know how they will receive their purchase.

2. Share your holiday availability and opening times
Are you already starting to book up over November and December? Communicate to clients that you are taking holiday bookings and your availability over the season. For new clients, let them know how to book and direct them to your salon number, email address or online booking system. Now is a good time to check your Bio is up to date!

3. Shout about your services
Entice new and existing clients with your salon services and any holiday menus. Although it might be a shift from the usual hair-up and blowdry bookings for the party season, remind clients of your fantastic colour services and treatments to get them ready for the Holidays.

4. Promote your holiday deals
Are you running any deals for Black Friday or throughout December, or offering gift card sales? Be sure to create awareness on your feed and Stories, using prompting language such as ‘Limited time only’, ‘1 day left’, ‘Last chance’ or ‘Only today!’

5. Remind customers how you will be keeping them safe during the holiday season
While it may not be very festive, take the opportunity to share your salon safety and hygiene measures. Let your customers and followers know that not only will you provide a great client experience and give them beautiful hair this holiday, you also take their safety seriously.

Enjoy it!

And finally, you know the importance of maximising your potential during this period, but make it a rewarding exercise for yourself. This is a real chance to be creative. It’s a great time to promote your salon and your brand in an attractive way to make you stand out. Creating these promotional ideas should be fun, and you can get your team involved to help with ideas. Aim to make your posts as eye-catching as possible and you will be rewarded.

Find out more about how TIGI can support your salon. Speak to your TIGI representative, or contact us to become a stockist.

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