European Creative Director

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Born in Budapest, Akos spent six years in a local salon before relocating to Dallas, USA where he realised his dream of working under Anthony Mascolo. In 2004, when TIGI became a standalone company, Anthony Mascolo invited Akos to move to London to help to build the TIGI International Creative Team. His role quickly became focused on TIGI Education materials and Academy operations. Since then, his involvement has deepened to include all TIGI creative projects, from Educational Collections to advertising campaigns, as well as planning and executing shows and seminars around the world.

Behind the scenes, Akos works tirelessly with TIGI R&D to ensure TIGI’s reputation for cutting edge product innovation remains second to none. Akos leads the team of TIGI mentors who each year train the highly respected TIGI Inspirational Youth Team.

Bed Head Freestyle Collection 2004

Akos’s favourite cut (Freestyle Collection 2004)


What is your favourite cut you’ve created?

It has to be the look I created for the TIGI Freestyle collection in 2004. This is still my absolute favourite collection to date. As a team, we totally nailed the vibe of the then current mood in fashion and, as the first collection after the split from Toni&Guy, it gave us a fresh direction that is still with us today.

What was the moment when you decided to be a hairdresser?

My hairdressing career started from a failure in high school in 1990. I fell into hair by chance but I’ve never looked back. I’ve been obsessed with it since day one!

When you aren’t feeling inspired, where do you find inspiration?

I’m never not inspired as I look at my and our team’s work and keep looking for ways to improve it and take it further. Of course, I’m always looking at the bigger picture and aware of what is going on in the world but inspiration usually strikes me from within.