The TIGI team had to use their creativity and imagination more than ever to overcome COVID restrictions at this year's hair show.

For the first time, this year’s Alternative Hair Show (themed Imagine) was a virtual event and hit a huge global audience – 500,000 and rising at the last count. TIGI and TIGI Copyright have been amongst the main show sponsors for many years and the TIGI Creative Team is a seasoned participant in the yearly charity show, helping to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for Alternative Hair’s own charity, Fighting Leukaemia, as well as Blood Cancer UK and World Child Cancer.

This year, Akos Bodi led the TIGI Team who, together with Piero Gentile and Josh Mascolo, prepared the models’ looks at Anthony Mascolo’s studio, The Library, in South London, UK. With the limitations of COVID-19, they decided to use mannequins instead of real ‘live’ models as this was less restrictive to their creativity. The concept Anthony Mascolo and the Team came up with was to utilise the mannequins to create both motion and stillness. Using photography and film, lighting effects and music, an overall blurred image was created to give an eerie, twilight vibe.

When it came to both the clothes styling, wigs and hairpieces, new creations were mixed with vintage, resulting in totally unique looks that truly showed the signature TIGI vibe. Fashion stylist, Jiv D, used pieces from his latest collection, mixing them with clothes from TIGI’s past shows, styled to give a stunning effect. The recycling continued with the use of wigs. Akos found pieces from over ten years ago and in three days, recut and recreated 15 looks. Anthony’s wife, TIGI makeup artist, Pat Mascolo, created striking makeup looks on the mannequins to finish the overall effect.

The ‘show’ was created partly by photography and partly using film with the mannequins placed separately so the camera could move around.

It was, says Akos, a very different experience to participating in the live shows, and he admits the experience lost some of its magic. However, he found it interesting to see how the teams, many of whom he’s worked with over the years, were able to showcase their talent in different ways. In particular, he liked the way it showed a more personal element and allowed the teams to bring out their culture.

Hopefully, the TIGI Creative Team will be live on stage at the Alternative Hair Show London, next October.

Did you miss this year’s Alternative Hair Show? You can still watch the full show and donate at


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  • Photography: Aris Akritidis
  • Akos Bodi