The London Barber demonstrates how to achieve a close fade with length on top, adaptable for your clients’ style.

Embrace those natural curls! This versatile cutting technique allows your clients to take control of their hair.

For clients wanting a versatile look with length on top, Josh Mascolo demonstrates a statement-making cut.

From the TIGI Copyright Collection 2017: Kerrie O’Reilly creates a cool, dramatic look using Gloss.

From the TIGI Copyright Collection 2017: Refresh a classic bob technique with this diffused, voluminous, textured wavy bob by Gen Itoh.

From the Academy Collection 2016: Philip Downing creates an effortlessly cool, low maintenance men’s look.

From the TIGI archives: Maria Kovacs shows how to create the classic 90s’ hair trend.

From the TIGI archives: Akos Bodi shows how to update your clients’ summer look with messy waves.

TIGI Academy Collection 2016: Gen Itoh shows how to create a disconnected fade haircut, inspired by East London styling.

2015 Bed Head for Men Collection: Joel Torres shows how to use a skin fade technique to create a fashion-led look.

TIGI Academy 2016 Collection: Maria Kovacs shows how to create texture and movement with a touchable finish.

TIGI Academy Collection 2016: Maria Kovacs takes inspiration from the 1960s to create a retro look with a modern twist.

TIGI Collection 2015: Stephanie Valente uses a freehand technique to create tones of pale truffle and smoked lavender.

Anthems Collection 2010: Anthony Mascolo creates the ultimate Bed Head style with his favourite technique, the Undercut.

TIGI Collection 2016: Renee Valerie uses a Diffused Silhouette technique to create contrast in the hair and frame the face.

TIGI Collection 2016: Akos Bodi creates movement using a transient layering technique.

TIGI Collection 2016: Christel Barron-Hough uses Base Shading to enhance depth and tone for a textural finish.

From the 2015 Academy Collection: Akos Bodi creates Grunge Deluxe; a short layering technique that gives the ultimate texture.

TIGI Collection 2015: Christel Lundqvist creates an expensive look and feel using a block colour technique.

TIGI Collection 2016: Kerrie O’Reilly uses a lightening and toning technique to add a dramatic edge to the Undercut.

TIGI Collection 2016: Anthony Mascolo creates a soft and contemporary version of his iconic cut, the Undercut.

Shift Collection 2017: Stephanie Valente takes inspiration from early 2000s’ pop culture for this bold colour placement.

From the Shift Collection 2017: Philip Downing shows how to use a layered cutting technique to create fashion-inspired curls.

Shift Collection 2017: Learn how to create high fashion, haute couture shades of Saddle Blonde and Hessian.