Follow these top 5 toning tips to create the perfect canvas and beautiful hair.

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Toning is an important part of your colour services; it demonstrates your creativity and technical expertise, creates the perfect finish to a hair colour and can be used to extend colour services to benefit you financially.

Here, Fuse looks at toning, with tips for improving your services and some expert advice to help you create the perfect, clean canvas.

Effective consultation is the first step to any colour service

The all-important colour consultation

As always, your client consultation is critical. Christel Barron-Hough of STIL Salon reminds us: “With Creative Consultation, you can create personalised and all-round services and give yourself the freedom to craft bespoke shades for every client.”

But, do not assume your clients understand what you mean by ‘a toner’. You need to explain what it is and how it works. You also need to talk about colour commitment, hair health and shine as well as the shades that will flatter and work well for your client. In fact, every service should begin with a Creative Consultation to understand your client’s vision and ensure you can meet her requirements.

Apply your expertise

On blonde clients, pre-lighten with the True Light lightener of your choice to create the perfect, clean canvas. Ideally, follow this service with an in-salon treatment such as SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment to return your client’s hair to its virgin state. Next, tone with TIGI Copyright ammonia-free Gloss, allowing you to truly show your creativity.

Using your expertise, create a bespoke tone to enhance your client’s skin tone, complexion and eye colour. You have the power to create tones that are high-fashion and stunning, classic and exquisite, or subtle and beautiful. It’s all up to you! And of course, don’t forget to follow this with advice on the perfect home-care regime, to include the ideal shampoo and conditioner and TIGI Copyright Treatment Booster.

When it comes to toner application, once the hair has been pre-lightened, tone with your selected gloss shades, applying the mixture to the root area first and then through to the ends, visually process the colour for up to 20 minutes. Using TIGI Gloss you can customise every colour, and in doing so inject vibrancy and a high-impact shine without creating a heavy colour effect.

Don’t talk Technical!

When talking to your client, use descriptive language to explain what you’re planning to do. Words like ‘champagne’ and ‘sand’ or ‘soft oak’ enable clients to picture the tone you are going to create for them. Explain how you’ll use different tones to melt the colours together for a polished look and even thickness.

Always talk about a Refresher Toner

A refresher toning service is a great way to entice your clients to return to the salon between their main colour appointments. Explain clearly the value of this to maintain their colour at its absolute best and encourage them to make an appointment before they leave the salon.

Achieving the right undertone and correct neutralisation is key to clean toning results


“I still see yellow” – the dreaded phrase from so many blonde clients. But no worries! TIGI Copyright Gloss has you covered. Creating the perfect hair canvas and preventing common mistakes in the toning process is important. These five tips will help you to become a toning master.


Remember to always lift the hair to the required undertone. If you don’t, you will fight the yellow or golden undertones when it comes to toning. Remember the toner is not going to fix this.


When toning hair that’s already blonde, ensure old toning shampoo is removed from the hair first. If you don’t do this, it can lead to an inconsistent toner result. Keep in mind that a failure to remove old residue can push a blue pigment deep into the hair, which can give unwanted shades when fade occurs.


Keep these factors in mind:
• Pale violet neutralises pale yellow
• Blue neutralises orange
• Green neutralises red


When toning hair, always tone to the darkest undertone you can see in order to achieve the cleanest results.


To prevent a patchy result, recommend your clients have a TIGI Copyright Care SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment to fortify their hair, improve its internal condition and at the same time help you to achieve an even result.

If you need help and ideas to create customised toners for your clients, contact your TIGI Account manager or TIGI Educator. They will be happy to help with formulations and advice and will arrange any required education for you and your team.

With the TIGI Copyright Colour range, you can create infinite shades and achieve beautiful, bespoke results for every client. It’s definitely time to fuel your creativity. Find out more at


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