Mix, layer and cocktail products to create the perfect textured, beach hair look.

Do you cocktail your favourite Bed Head products?

Bed Head was born out of hairdressing creativity and experimentation; as co-founder, Anthony Mascolo, always says, “When we couldn’t find the products we wanted, we created them ourselves”. That idea is just as true today, and the Bed Head range – now with an updated look and brand new innovation – is designed to give hairdressers the tools to unleash their creativity!

Philip Downing, TIGI US Creative & Education Director, loves finding creative ways to layer and cocktail products to create the perfect result for his desired look. “It’s essentially combining two products that creates that magic third. It allows us to give our clients that individual touch,” he explains. Here, he shares his favourite cocktailing tips to create perfect textured, beach hair using Bed Head Back It Up and Salty Not Sorry.

Cocktail your own creations

We love to see how you cocktail, layer and mix your Bed Head products. Share your creations! Tag us @TIGIProfessionals Instagram.

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