Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI Team are working on an exciting new project for Bed Head. We joined them yesterday in East London for a glimpse at what's to come.

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Step inside yesterday’s shoot for the NEW Bed Head collection, where Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI Creative Team were expressing the uniqueness of the brand, celebrating the confidence, diversity and attitudes of individual personalities with new bold style ideas to show the world ‘Everybody wants to be somebody’.

Location: The Printworks, East London
The cultural, dynamic environment of this award-winning music and event venue was the perfect choice to capture the vibrancy of Bed Head’s latest collection.

Who: Real people! Creative free spirits who’ll show you how they champion their individual self-expression with boldness and total confidence.

Stay tuned to TIGI Fuse to see more behind the scenes content from the latest Bed Head collection. Coming soon.

  • Photography: Mauro Carraro
  • Tim James