Get ready for a new hair washing experience with Bed Head's first foam shampoo!

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Bed Head is bringing you some fantastic new products to refresh your salon work and get creative. Create hair styles your clients will love, and care for their hair with the latest innovation in cleansing, hydration and colour protection.

A new Bed Head hero

The new Bed Head BIGGER THE BETTER VOLUME FOAM SHAMPOO is the latest hero to join the Bed Head family. This sulfate-free foam shampoo will be the new best friend for clients with fine, lifeless hair, as it boosts exciting new technology for mega volume.

TIGI European Creative Director, Akos Bodi, helped in the testing and development of the new Bed Head products and shares his love for the foam shampoo:
“This product is a great addition to the Bed Head range. It’s perfect for anyone who’s got fine, limp hair and wants to achieve volume and bounce. Also, thanks to a lightweight formulation it’s much easier and quicker to rinse out which means you can have quicker showers and less water usage.”

Reach New (Hair) Heights

Bigger the Better is a breakthrough aerosol shampoo for Bed Head, with an innovative way of cleansing and adding body to hair. The foam formulation includes mineral clay, as well as a Gentle Sulfate Free cleanser, so dirt and build-up are removed without stripping hair or weighing it down.

What’s more, Bigger the Better is infused with Seafoam, which is known for its moisture absorptivity.

Helps Reduce Wastage

The foam format lasts twice as long as a standard shampoo and, as it literally whips up a lather, it’s easy to use and rinse. So not only will your clients save precious time, but they’ll also reduce their water consumption.

This product is a great new addition to the Bed Head range. It’s perfect for anyone who’s got fine, limp hair and looking for volume and bounce.

Akos Bodi

Create a Volumising Hair System

Together, Bigger the Better Volume Foam Shampoo and Bigger the Better Conditioner create the ultimate partnership and work seamlessly with Bed Head’s favourite styling products, Superstar Queen for a Day and Small Talk, or, for some extra oomph and to enliven second day hair, you’ll find it the perfect match with Oh! Bee Hive dry shampoo.


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