Creating an attractive and useful salon website is just as important as posting on your Instagram. Our digital experts share their top tips for winning with websites.

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A website is a fantastic way to show off your brand, promote your services and your team, and allow clients to make bookings. It is also a great platform to show hair transformations and your salon’s collections, talk about products to increase retail sales, run promotions and make announcements. Your website is your window into the world!


When looking at salon websites, some have fantastic sites that really sell what the salon does, but more often than not salon websites aren’t being used as part of the business and promotional/marketing strategy. It is all about maintenance and relevance.


‘Millennials’ and Generation Z are often more digitally savvy and love getting involved with social media, so why not involve them? If you’re a salon manager or owner, you need help to keep this digital platform up to date.

Using your team’s skills and giving them the opportunity to showcase their ability and creativity through a different outlet can be a great way to motivate them. They can help you come up with content creation ideas or even support with the upload.


1. First, define your business priority: gain new clients, attract new staff, promote your brand creatively, share news, have a booking system, show ideas on hair styling and home haircare regimes using products, e-commerce, the ability to send newsletters to clients or host a blog.

2. Define what you want the website to look like. Sometimes looking at other salons’ websites or brands that inspire you is a great way to define your brand and therefore your website’s visual and structural identity.

3. Before you get a new website, consider carefully what you want it to do and how you are going to achieve this. What are the key features and information essential to your new site?

4. Consider the user ‘journey’ and experience when planning your site. Where do you want visitors to go? Ensure there’s a clear link between different sections such as services and bookings.

5. Get your website designed professionally, and ensure the design allows you to update information yourself.

6. Think mobile first. It’s likely that many people, if not most, will be viewing your site on their phone so make sure the design and content are fit for mobile.

7. Define the role and responsibilities of your team or external agencies and freelancers in keeping this platform relevant to your business and the hairdressing industry.

8. Promote your salon website everywhere! As with your social media handles, put your website on all printed materials in your salon, include it in the bio of your Instagram and Facebook pages, make sure it is included in any advertising and consider paying to get it ranked higher on search engines such as Google so people can find you.

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