Quick colour services could be the key to your salon business success.

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Toning and Glossing services can make a real addition to your colour business; enhancing creativity, enticing clients to return regularly and allowing your colourists to have some fun. And of course, we have to mention the word ‘profit’ and the importance of keeping your business in a good place after several months of closure.

Fuse talks to TIGI Education Specialist, Aaron Overton, to understand the importance of expanding your colour services and the benefits it can bring.

FUSE: Why are Toning and Glossing services important to colour businesses?

AARON: Toning is important for two reasons:
Firstly, these services perfect and complete your lightening services. Remember, products that lighten hair remove the colour but do not leave new pigment on the hair. Toners reflect light and create a flawless result from root to tip, making every colour unique to the client.

Secondly, this is a fantastic top-up service. Highlights and balayage don’t always need to be done every 6-8 weeks but, of course, colour loses its pop as a result of mineral build-up from water and UV exposure. Getting clients back into the salon between longer appointments helps to maintain a perfect colour, keeps the hair in excellent condition and supports a constant connection to the salon.


FUSE: Let’s talk about Toning and Glossing individually...

AARON: I believe Toning tends to be part of Lightening Services, not an individual service and we don’t shout about it nearly enough. It’s the ‘make or break’ for a fantastic result and showcases the hairdresser’s expertise.

When we lighten and correct banding or past colour results, it is our knowledge of balancing the results, neutralising, and melting shades together that creates the result that makes our clients walk out the door feeling amazing. Yet so often salons don’t charge for this service and, in fact, only briefly communicate what they’re doing.

Let’s think about a new client. You mix a custom formula on the root to blend in unwanted white hairs and melt it into a soft champagne blonde tailored just for them. It’s super clean, just how they like it, without a hint of ash. To achieve the result, three shades were mixed and the result is amazing! Would that client ever attempt to colour their own hair or go somewhere cheaper if you can create this for them? Knowledge gives insight and trust, and when we establish trust, we have a relationship for life!

Glossing services are important because they are fast, highly effective, and the results have low commitment. TIGI Copyright Gloss has a 20 minute processing time and can blend up to 75% of grey hair within that time. This service is perfect for converting a cut client to colour and cut (increasing their average bill). By promoting Glossing services, you can fill any gaps your colourists may get during the day between longer colour appointments.

FUSE: How can salons and colourists introduce these services to improve their businesses?

AARON: Toning services can be factored into Lightening Services, but I don’t think they should be seen as a give-away. I advise salons to have Toning as a top-up service for highlight and balayage clients and to include this on their salon menus. This encourages clients to return after six weeks to keep their colour fresh and maintains loyalty. Remember, you can complete a Gloss, Treatment and blow-dry within an hour at a higher price point than a haircut in the same amount of time.

Remember too, services that encourage the client to rebook on the day help you forecast future profit because you have a greater understanding of how much money the salon will be bringing in each day.


FUSE: We spoke about the salon benefits. What are the benefits for clients?

AARON: Toners give the client the exact colour result they want. Lightening alone only takes the hair to the degree of brightness they wish to achieve but cannot create the final effect, for example, caramel, buttermilk, bubblegum pink. Anything the client desires, as long as it is technically achievable, can be created with toner!

Glossing services are fast and can be completed during a client’s lunch break, after work or early morning. Gloss can darken the hair, add tone and achieve up to one level of lift.

Glossing is a low commitment service, as the colour molecules gradually fade over time, so there’s no regrowth line. And Glossing also infuses the hair with coconut oil, amino acids and xylitol to strengthen and hydrate the hair, making it easier to style and healthier.

Gloss gives hair strength and hydration, as well as beautiful colour

FUSE: How do Toning and Glossing services improve a client’s colour?

AARON: Glossing and toning both add hydration to the hair and smooth out the cuticle, making the hair easier to manage while also giving a glow from root to tip. Toning adds harmony and Glossing can be used to refresh colour on the lengths and ends of the hair to add dazzle or brightness without creating build-up or density.


FUSE: What are the benefits of Toning services in today’s salon workplace?

AARON: Most importantly, using Toning and Glossing services as a top-up service is a way to encourage clients to return more quickly, allowing them to maintain their colours.

They perfectly connect with TIGI Copyright Colour lightening services and are a great way for salons to create packages that encourage clients to buy into their whole portfolio: balayage, cut, treatment, and take-home regime. The more personal, bespoke services you can create, the easier it will be to grow your colour business and see a growth in customer loyalty and satisfaction.


FUSE: What tips can you give to help salons introduce and grow this area to support the development of their colour business?

AARON: Begin to communicate the services via your social media and educate clients about what you do, and remember: salon life has changed but so have the lives of our clients. A one-hour glossing, dry cut and treatment might sound like heaven for those balayage clients who need a boost but are very time-poor. Ensure all your team talk about Toning as part of your services, explaining what it is, why it’s being done and how it’s a completely bespoke service. This will encourage clients to return more frequently for a top-up.

Within your Instagram Stories create a Toner Menu to showcase your best blondes and allow clients to pick their favourites. For example, today I’m feeling brave and fancy trying your Rose Blush, but I am thinking more the Toffee Blonde for autumn. Calculate the amount you can charge for a Glossing or Toning service (by the hour/minute) and compare it to your highlight and balayage charges so you can understand where the profit lies. Also, think about how many more clients you can see with shorter services to fill gaps between other clients.


FUSE: Should salons create personalised names for the services to give ownership?

AARON: Any restaurant worth its weight will have a signature dish or a cocktail with its own name and colour services should be no different. Make it your own and create your USP (unique selling point). Sometimes you need a nod to a more familiar name, but creating your own name gives ownership.

UK salons, Blow in Glasgow and Stil in London, do this amazingly with Blow & Go, Blowblend and Scandi Blondes (respectively).

If you want more advice or help with creating a Toning and Glossing service for your salon, or need some ideas for formulas, contact us, send a message to @TIGIProfessionals, or speak to your local TIGI Account Manager or TIGI Educator.



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