Add dimension to your brunette tones with this face-framing colour technique from Gina Khan.

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The City Spice look was created for the client who craves customised luxurious services with warmer and richer colour tones. This new technique creates the perfect silhouette for the ‘Haute Couture’ woman, adding a delicate dimension and radiance to complement the facial features of the ultimate uptown city woman.



Formula 1:

30g True Light White
+ 30g Activator 20vol/6%

Formula 2:

30g Gloss 7/32
+ 10g Gloss 6/3
+ 60g Activator 5vol/1.5%

Formula 3:

20g Gloss 6/3
+ 10g Gloss 7/0
+ 45g Activator 5vol/1.5%

Formula 4:

45g Gloss 8/3
+ 2g Gloss 8/34
+ 45g Gloss 10/02
+ 138g Activator 5vol/1.5%


01. Carry out a Creative Consultation. Then take a diagonal back parting, two inches from the front hairline and isolate with sectioning clips. Take seamless weaves and apply Formula 1.

02. At the side sections, apply Formula 1 working in the same way. Then working with hair’s natural fall, alternate seamless and textured weaves from underneath the natural parting.

03. Take two diagonal back partings below the occipital bone, creating a large V section. Apply Formula 1 utilising a textured weave. Moving to the crown area, apply Formula 1 alternating seamless and textured weaves. In between the foils, apply Formula 2 through mid-lengths and ends using textured weaves.

04. Process for to 40 minutes, until the desired undertone is achieved. Rinse and remove using TIGI Copyright Care Repair Shampoo. Apply SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment, process for 5 minutes then rinse and follow with the TIGI Copyright Care Repair system.

06. On towel-dried hair, isolate a fringe section. With the remaining hair, apply Formula 3 to the roots and Formula 4 through the mid-lengths and ends, using a blending technique. Apply Formula 4 to the fringe area. Process visually for up to 20 minutes.

07. Rinse and remove with TIGI Copyright Care Moisture Shampoo. Follow with a TIGI Copyright Care Booster service, mixing Treatment Base with 3 pumps of Shine and 3 pumps of Smooth Boosters. Process for up to 5 minutes then rinse

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  • Colour: Gina Khan
  • Cut & Style: Anthony Mascolo   /  
  • Photography: Alex Barron-Hough   /     /  
  • Make-up: Katie Moore   /  
  • Fashion Styling: Jiv D   /  
  • Video: George Baxter   /