TIGI Taiwan excites their audience with a fantastic, creative show.


COVID SupportSee more

COVID Support

How TIGI salon owners are supporting their staff during closure.

With many salons now closed once again from Lockdown, Anthony Mascolo shares a message with our hairdressing community.

Though Europe is facing another Lockdown, Christmas isn’t cancelled! 

Fuse looks at the effect illness and stress can have on your clients’ hair.

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Fuse Sessions

TIGI shows are about education, inspiration and creativity. Thomas Osborn and Akos Bodi share their favourite show moments.

Philip Downing speaks to Kiki Tobar on the programme that helped shape her career.

The influence of men’s styling and grooming techniques is the latest topic we’re sharing in TIGI Fuse Sessions.

How does colour affect our moods and what shades should we be using right now? Colour expert, Susanna Merrick, explains.

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1 on 1 With Anthony Mascolo

Anthony interviews hairdressing ‘royalty’, Vivienne Mackinder, about her career and work with Vidal Sassoon.

Anthony interviews Jayne Lewis-Orr, Executive Director of Hairdressers Journal.

Anthony interviews Robert Lobetta, talking all things shoots, campaigns and their long-lasting friendship.

Anthony interviews Mary Rector-Gable, founder of Behind the Chair.

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The Lions Barber Collective are fundraising to support spreading the word of mental health.

Hairdressing is in their DNA. We look back at the history of the Mascolo family.

Here’s how to promote good mental health for yourself, your employees, and your clients.

We talk to hairdresser Cihan Bulet whose salon, Erdbeerschnitte, focuses on high eco standards.

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Take a glimpse behind the scenes of Twilight, created by TIGI for the Alternative Hair Show 2020.

TIGI Taiwan excites their audience with a fantastic, creative show.

The TIGI team had to use their creativity more than ever to overcome COVID restrictions at this year’s hair show.

Here’s what happened at the first virtual Alternative Hair Show.