Fuse Sessions

TIGI shows are about education, inspiration and creativity. Thomas Osborn and Akos Bodi share their favourite show moments.

Philip Downing speaks to Kiki Tobar on the programme that helped shape her career.

The influence of men’s styling and grooming techniques is the latest topic we’re sharing in TIGI Fuse Sessions.

How does colour affect our moods and what shades should we be using right now? Colour expert, Susanna Merrick, explains.

How has TIGI Inspirational Youth helped the careers of young hairdressers? Philip Downing speaks to former member, Logan Lucas to find out.

From salon campaigns to competitions, Akos Bodi and Alex Barron-Hough explain the different approaches and processes to hair photography.

Ahead of the first virtual Alternative Hair Show, Akos and Piero share iconic looks from the show and its importance for hairdressing and charity.

Piero Gentile speaks to barber, salon owner, and TIGI Collective member, Cameron Stananought on building a salon brand and life after Inspirational Youth.

Thomas Osborn speaks to DJ Riggs and Berry Bachen about the exciting next step for TIGI Education.

Akos Bodi speaks to award-winning hairdresser, and former Inspirational Youth member, Josh Goldsworthy.

Coming soon to TIGI Fuse! A new series of interviews, conversations and inspirational talks from across the industry.

Christel Barron-Hough speaks to renowned session hairstylist, Gary Gill about his work from Vogue to Versace.

Akos Bodi & Thomas Osborn share some of their favourite looks and the cocktailing secrets to each style.

Renee Valerie speaks to salon owner, Becky Grace Knight on her experiences reopening the salon following COVID-19.

Akos Bodi & Thomas Osborn look at the enduring popularity of iconic TIGI styles.

Joel Torres quizzes Anthony Mascolo about TIGI and his passions.

Anthony Mascolo & Akos Bodi discuss the importance of a ‘muse’ in creative work, with a special look through the archives.

Christel Barron-Hough speaks with award-winning hairdresser, Andrew Collinge on his career history and preparing for life after Lockdown.

Philip Downing is joined by fashion stylist, Renata Gar, as they share images of their favourite collaborations.

Renee Valerie & colourist, Gina Khan, talk post-Lockdown colour services and preparing the salon for reopening.

Anthony Mascolo & Business Owner & Motivational Speaker, Jen Planck discuss the positives they’ll take from salon closure.

Josh Mascolo & Wes Palmer on their creative passions through art and hair.

Gen Itoh & Andy Cheong reveal the secrets behind some of their favourite hair transformations, with some incredible before and afters.

Piero Gentile & Joel Torres discuss the importance of teamwork, and Joel gives a tour of his home studio.