Try these ideas to help solve your clients’ at-home hair questions.

Everywhere you look on social media there are people touching-up their roots, cutting their fringes and trying out new styling ideas, with some disastrous (and hysterically funny) results.

In part, this is because their normal hair maintenance routine at the salon has come to a sudden halt, but beyond that there is also an element of self-entertainment, filling time and escape from everything that’s going on in the outside world and in their homes too. And let’s be honest, if you don’t feel good about yourself, we all know it’s very tempting to take action, even if the decision you take is wrong!

How can hairdressers tap into this state and use it to connect with their clients?

We’ve been asking around and have come up with 10 hair hacks we think your clients would thank you for. Inviting your clients to ask your advice before they do anything to their hair is a very good idea right now, but equally, suggesting ideas too, can help you retain your relationship and even create retail sales.

Personal contact and communication have never been more important, so think about ways you can invite your clients to get in touch BEFORE they attempt any home hairdressing on themselves.

Here’s some ideas we’ve come across to start conversations we thought we’d share with you.


For all blondes out there, distressing over roots showing, TIGI US Technical Education Director, Renee Valerie suggests advising clients to use dry shampoo. Not only does this diffuse the roots, it also creates volume and root life that will hide regrowth.

Bed Head Oh! Bee Hive and TIGI Copyright Revitalising Dry Shampoo are perfect for this.


Christel Barron-Hough, TIGI Global Creative Technical Director and owner of STIL salon, has been bemoaning the fact she hadn’t had time to get her own regrowth done before her salon closed, and has gone one step further using scarves tied in a variety of ways to hide her roots.


How about recommending playing with hair accessories to both pin up outgrown fringes, change a hairstyle or just to give a playful look. Lots of women will be happy to while away time, playing with their look, so show them some ideas to adapt their style. Head bands, particularly the knotted ones that have been so popular over the past couple of seasons, are also great at hiding those irritating roots. Many online stores, such as ASOS, can deliver a range of hair accessories straight to your clients’ door.


Now is the time to encourage your clients to pamper their hair. TIGI UK Education Specialist, Ryan Andrews, suggests a simple overnight moisture boost to give life to clients complaining their hair has become dry or lacklustre.

Ideally use TIGI Copyright Care Colour Lustre Oil, but if that’s not possible, then you could suggest they use Coconut Oil in the short term. Use around 10 pumps of Colour Lustre Oil, depending on the hair’s length, and cover the hair in the oil so it is completely coated. If the hair is long enough, braid it or tie it up, and recommend they put a towel over the pillow to protect it! In the morning, simply shampoo and condition as normal.

“This is great for people who need a massive moisture hit but also find the hair gets too weighed down when using moisturising products before styling” says Ryan.


It might seem simple but don’t assume your clients know the correct shampoo to use to maintain their colour! “It’s obvious to us, but clients don’t always realise how using specific shampoos and conditioners can really brighten a fading colour, remove yellow tones on blonde hair and help colour maintenance” says Lucy Hicks, TIGI UK Education Specialist.

So, don’t forget to talk about both colour enhancing and colour safe wash and care, such as Bed Head Colour Goddess Oil Infused Shampoo and Conditioner, and Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Reconstructor, and Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo, as well as TIGI Copyright Care Colour Shampoo and Conditioner, and Toning Shampoo.


So says Lucy. Do your clients realise the more they wash their hair, the more their colour will fade? You can also talk to them about water temperatures – reminding them that cooler temperatures will be more beneficial to their hair. This might seem simple, but we believe any communication and friendly advice will be gratefully received.


Slightly controversial we know! But TIGI educator, Chris Harris-Gibbs of Harris Gibbs salon in Birmingham, UK, has shown his clients how to trim their fringes via his IGTV.  This has been quite a task, as Chris has a shaved head! So, ingeniously, he’s worn a wig and created three short films on his Instagram account showing a curtain fringe, a side swept fringe, and a layered fringe. With his basic tutorial his desperate clients should be able to give themselves a ‘bit’ of a fringe trim to keep them going for a few weeks. We’re hoping they decide to wait for Chris, but one thing is certain, the films will have caused lots of amusement! And that is great communication.


Instead of spending hours drying, straightening, curling and styling hair, this could be the time to suggest clients leave their hair ‘natural’. But effortless hair doesn’t necessarily mean style-less! Adding products before allowing the hair to dry and using the fingers/hands to mould shape, will definitely get a better result. So don’t forget to educate your clients! Explain what products they should use and how to manage a natural look. You may find clients who have spent years trying to work against their natural movement will now embrace it, with your help. This really is the moment to be informative and inspirational to your clients.


Texture has been a key word in just about every collection the TIGI International Creative Team has ever done but creating texture can add style to a grown out cut and help hide ever-more exposed roots. But what products to use and how to apply them? Obviously both Bed Head and TIGI Copyright offer many choices. Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day is an obvious choice to add volume and lift to the roots, but of course hairsprays such as Bed Head Masterpiece can help too, depending on the style. The choice is yours for your individual client, but if you need help then message us.


Do you ever talk to clients about cocktailing products? Whilst this is something we hairdressers do all the time, it’s not always communicated to clients for their home haircare regime. But now, is the opportunity to help them maintain and style their hair at home. Have you thought about doing some quick films on how to cocktail products and the results? Your clients will undoubtedly welcome any playful ideas they can be using now, so why not invite them to a cocktail party?

Brush up on your TIGI product knowledge to ensure you have the right advice for your clients. Head over to for the full range of Bed Head and Copyright.