Get set for 2020. Fuse explores the importance of building your salon brand and purpose.

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In today’s world brands and branding are all around us. If you had to name 10 global brands in one minute, you wouldn’t find it difficult. After all, who in the world doesn’t know: Apple, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Amazon, McDonalds, Toyota, Mercedes, Google, Nike, and Disney? These brands are consistently recognisable in every marketplace because they have global standards and global appeal.

You may not have a desire to be as recognised as these brand leaders, but you should have an aim of being a respected salon brand in the area you wish to reach, whether this is a small local town, a city, or a much wider area.


To achieve this ambition, you need to think about your salon business today. Ask yourself: What are you? Who are you? And why are you doing what you do? Answering these questions will give you your Vision Statement, your Mission Statement and Your Purpose.

Your Vision Statement describes where you want your salon and your business to be in the future; in other words, your ambition. Creating a statement will allow you to take your thinking beyond your day-to-day activities with clarity.

Your Mission Statement describes what you and your business are, both now and will be in the future. For example, it could be that your mission statement is: “to always provide the very best customer service and the highest quality technical and creative hairdressing”.


You need to define your Purpose. This explains why you are doing what you do, beyond financial success. It’s about the heart of your business. It could be your chief purpose is to develop the next generation of creative hairdressers, by building a strong team. It could be providing business opportunities to your staff, perhaps by franchising or opening other salons, or it could be about being involved in your local community, perhaps to inspire young people to enter the hairdressing profession or participate in other local activities.

There are some skills you need to be successful in salon brand building, but luckily for you, most hairdressers have these already! And once you’ve decided on your Vision, your Mission and your Purpose, you can then put together your five-year plan.


So what skills do you need beyond business planning? Firstly, and most importantly, you need to be a good communicator. Communication is a two-way activity and allows you to understand your team, existing clients, potential clients and people you meet through your business.

Undoubtedly changes will occur over time, socially, commercially and attitudinally. You need to be able to face changes in the way you work, accepting the views of your staff and clients, not only about hair, but also how and when they visit your salon. This requires understanding.


Beyond a great looking brand (a memorable logo and a great looking salon), you need to let the world know just how great you are. Hopefully your clients and your staff will be shouting about how great your salon is, how fantastic it is to work there, the amazing service, brilliant products and awesome hairdressing. They can definitely be your best reps! Nevertheless, it’s important to think of PR (Public Relations) in a more targeted way.

PR enables you to build your reputation and share positive information about your business. It helps build goodwill and good relationships and is important in the communication process of your business. It’s also about having ideas and liking people. One thing is certain, PR needs to be planned and sustained to work with your overall business strategy.

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