We talk to hairdresser Cihan Bulut whose salon, Erdbeerschnitte, focuses on high eco standards.

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Cihan Bulut, owner of Erdbeerschnitte salon in Ludwigsburg, Germany, has a mission to create an environmentally friendly hair salon. We spoke with Cihan about the steps he is taking to become more sustainable, and how his salon has achieved a new eco certification.

FUSE: Why is climate change important to you?

CIHAN: It is our responsibility to help keep the earth healthy, as well as our own bodies. Nature allows us to live on this earth, so we need to ensure we hand it over to our descendants in the best possible condition.

FUSE: How did you gain your Eco certificate for the salon?

CIHAN: I became aware of the opportunity to gain our Eco certificate from Cut Climate Change and immediately wanted to find out more for my salon. The founders of Cut Climate Change, Jan Borchert and Carlos Weiss, gave me all the advice I needed together with a ‘consumption form’ where I had to save data on electricity and gas use, as well as how my staff and I commute to work. This was evaluated and our CO2 emissions were calculated and certified by TUV (technical inspection association).

This was especially important to me. We then received tips as to how we could further reduce CO2 emissions in the salon and the remaining value is compensated by various large-scale projects and measures. We pay 29 Euros per month to support global projects, including the conservation of forests, building schools, reducing coal-fired power plants, and exchanging them for renewable energy and reforestation.

Many salons need to participate in this to make a difference. A monthly payment of 29 Euros isn’t much and I think the decision to keep the amount low was a smart thing to do as more people will be happy to commit their support.

FUSE: How have you made your salon eco-friendly?

CIHAN: I have taken many measures. For example, I have installed nozzles on the washbasins to let only 50% of the water through, which amounts to quite a lot as we have four washbasins. The last load that goes into our washing machine each day is no longer thrown into the dryer but hung up to dry – that is 20 loads a month and 240 a year!

As you can see, you can achieve a lot with many small measures, and this change in thinking has now finally reached the hairdressers. I don’t exclude myself from this either; for a long time, I only took a few measures. An osmosis system that filters the water also provides me with limescale-free kitchen appliances, so I don’t need all those limescale cleaners any more.

We now hang up the last laundry load of the day to dry naturally, saving 240 uses of the tumble dryer a year!

Cihan Bulut

FUSE: Do you have anything in the salon to help with water usage?

CIHAN: As I mentioned, we have 50% less water consumption just by using shower heads with smaller holes in the jets. We always use only one towel per client (and use it as much as possible). When rinsing TIGI Copyright Colour, the hair is first briefly soaked, and then emulsified for a long time so the colour is already well loosened and released from the scalp, meaning you don’t have to rinse for so long.

FUSE: Do you have any tips for other salon owners or key changes they can make in their salons to make them more sustainable?

CIHAN: Apart from the tips I have already shared, I really recommend obtaining professional help to get the best out of your salon. You can think about a lot of areas yourself, but there are still so many little things you don’t think about. For example, changes such as carpooling to work, or cycling to work, or using public transport make a huge difference over a year. And of course, another essential tip from me, is that you can also do these measures at home. And above all, you can pass your knowledge on and tell others about them. My motto is and always has been “do good and talk about it”.

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