Inspired by 80s' British Punk, Maria Kovacs and Warren Boodaghians collaborate for this tutorial, using bold violets and pinks to enhance a short, textured pixie cut.

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Cut and colour increasingly work together to create an overall look and can add different moods and feelings to enliven a style, adding texture, boldness and attitude.

To create his colour look, TIGI Global Academy Technical Director, Warren Boodaghians, used a Neon Placement technique, using shades inspired by 80s’ British Punk when men and women alike twisted their hair with bright colours and gel. He selected a bold violet, pink and grey to create high impact, but the use of harmonious tones give a high fashion effect to his overall look.

Working with Warren’s colour, Maria Kovacs, created Texture Crush, an adaptation of a short asymmetrical pixie cut, but reworked with a new bold and daring vibe. This is a versatile cut, kept simple for clients wanting a commercial style or amped up with product for a more textured and creative look.

Products are crucial for creating the desired texture here. As cutting lotions Maria used TIGI Copyright Heat Protection Spray to prepare the hair, together with Volume Lift Styling Spray for extra volume at the root. To finish her style and give further texture and separation, she applied Texture Putty, followed by a liberal spray of Maximum Hold Hairspray to lock the look.


Follow Maria’s step by step hair cutting tutorial to achieve this short pixie cut, Texture Crush.

Products Used:

Copyright Heat Protection Spray
Copyright Volume Lift Styling Spray
Copyright Texture Putty
Copyright Maximum Hold Hairspray

Follow Warren’s step by step hair colour tutorial to achieve this Neon Placement technique.


Formula 1 –
50g Gloss 912
+5g Creative 1/1
+80g 5vol/1.5% activator

Formula 2 –
Mars Violet
20g Gloss 9/12
+5g Gloss 55/22
+38g 5vol/1.5% Activator

Formula 3 –
10g Gloss 9/12
+5g Mix Master /8
+23g 5vol/1.5% Activator

  • Cut & Styling: Maria Kovacs
  • Colour: Warren Boodaghians   /  
  • Photography: Alex Barron-Hough   /  
  • Make-up: Katie Moore   /  
  • Video: George Baxter   /