Thomas Osborn demonstrates 'City Lights' a long layered cut created for the contemporary client.

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The City Lights look takes inspiration from the contrast between light and dark in the urban landscape. Thomas Osborn creates a long, layered hairstyle that works in synergy with the colour to enhance the glossy brunette tones.

This versatile cut is ideal for the contemporary city client, allowing her to adapt the look to her ever-changing lifestyle and how she chooses to wear her hair.


01. Prep the hair with TIGI Copyright Heat Protection Spray, followed by Volume Lift Styling Spray and a touch of Split End Repair Cream

02. To begin the cut, start with a centre part into a radial part to isolate the back.

03. Then, take a central profile section, comb and elevate the hair to 90 degrees and point cut square to the top of the head.

04. To establish the interior layers, take diagonal forward sections from the crown down to the recession area and over direct up to the centre profile then point cut to follow the guide.

05. Then working through the back, take a centre profile section, over direct up and point cut from the guide at the crown out to the length from the perimeter.

06. To complete the back, work pivoting radial sections and point cut from the guide at the crown, increasing in length to maintain weight in the perimeter.

07. In front of the ear, diagonal forward sections are then over directed up and back to the radial part and the line is continued from the interior guide, working from short to long.

08. To detail the graduation around the face, sections in front of the ear must be over directed slightly forward, hold at a low elevation and point cut from the lips down to the corner of length.

09. Once the hair cut is completed, apply Texturising Salt Spray and dry the hair with a medium round brush twisting the sections to create movement and volume. To bring out the shine in the colour, apply Colour Lustre Oil and finish with Volume Finishing Spray.

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  • Colour: Gina Khan
  • Cut & Style: Thomas Osborn   /  
  • Photography: Alex Barron-Hough   /  
  • Make-up: Katie Moore   /  
  • Fashion Styling: Jiv D   /  
  • Video: George Baxter   /