A new must-have toolkit of professional styling products to ignite the creator.

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Reignite your creativity with the professional Artistic EditTM range, the new and exclusive collection of six professional styling products brought to you by Bed Head; created by hairdressers for hairdressers.

For 25 years, since Anthony Mascolo and his brothers first launched the brand, Bed Head has stood for boundary breaking ambition and revolutionary attitude. Its DNA centres on urban creativity, innovation, artistic vision, trend-setting leadership and education, and exciting products with unbeatable performance. It’s clear identity has always combined addictive fragrances and endless styling options, capturing the loyalty of professional hairdressers and their clients.

Meet the newest professional-only range from Bed Head.

But Bed Head was never just about hair.

Anthony and his award-winning International Creative Team have always taken reference and inspiration from sub-cultures and street fashion, music and festival experiences, tattoo art and the ever-evolving disruptive community centring around the inspiration of youth.

So, get ready! Because Bed Head is about to disrupt the hairdressing profession with its exciting new range, with stand-out authenticity and endless possibilities. Created to unlock every stylist’s full potential, the Artistic EditTM range has functional packaging with a new, slick, modern feeling, inviting you to experiment with provocative shapes and express yourself as an individual, whilst playfully showing your own creative power.

Hairdressing Creativity and Craftsmanship

Specially selected from Bed Head’s best performers, the new, compact collection of six styling products unleashes endless creative possibilities. Used individually you will immediately see the power of these products, but to better understand their full potential you need to be experimental! Mix and match products together and you will discover how you can achieve unique, customised results for every client.

That is why Bed Head decided to make this range exclusive to you, the professional hairdresser, because you are the expert and you understand our philosophy. You love the power to create your own cocktails, understand what products work best on different hair types and know how to achieve your desired final result. It’s time to get artistic!

Stay tuned for more exciting news and education from new Bed Head Artistic EditTM!

The styling must-haves for your hairdressing kitbag.

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