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From the TIGI Copyright Collection 2017: Kerrie O’Reilly creates a cool, dramatic look using Gloss.

From the TIGI Copyright Collection 2017: Refresh a classic bob technique with this diffused, voluminous, textured wavy bob by Gen Itoh.

From the Academy Collection 2016: Philip Downing creates an effortlessly cool, low maintenance men’s look.

From the TIGI archives: Maria Kovacs shows how to create the classic 90s’ hair trend.

From the TIGI archives: Akos Bodi shows how to update your clients’ summer look with messy waves.

TIGI Academy Collection 2016: Gen Itoh shows how to create a disconnected fade haircut, inspired by East London styling.

2015 Bed Head for Men Collection: Joel Torres shows how to use a skin fade technique to create a fashion-led look.

TIGI Academy 2016 Collection: Maria Kovacs shows how to create texture and movement with a touchable finish.

TIGI Academy Collection 2016: Maria Kovacs takes inspiration from the 1960s to create a retro look with a modern twist.

TIGI Collection 2015: Stephanie Valente uses a freehand technique to create tones of pale truffle and smoked lavender.

Anthems Collection 2010: Anthony Mascolo creates the ultimate Bed Head style with his favourite technique, the Undercut.

TIGI Collection 2016: Renee Valerie uses a Diffused Silhouette technique to create contrast in the hair and frame the face.

TIGI Collection 2016: Akos Bodi creates movement using a transient layering technique.

TIGI Collection 2016: Christel Barron-Hough uses Base Shading to enhance depth and tone for a textural finish.

From the 2015 Academy Collection: Akos Bodi creates Grunge Deluxe; a short layering technique that gives the ultimate texture.

TIGI Collection 2015: Christel Lundqvist creates an expensive look and feel using a block colour technique.

TIGI Collection 2016: Kerrie O’Reilly uses a lightening and toning technique to add a dramatic edge to the Undercut.

TIGI Collection 2016: Anthony Mascolo creates a soft and contemporary version of his iconic cut, the Undercut.

Shift Collection 2017: Stephanie Valente takes inspiration from early 2000s’ pop culture for this bold colour placement.

From the Shift Collection 2017: Philip Downing shows how to use a layered cutting technique to create fashion-inspired curls.

Shift Collection 2017: Learn how to create high fashion, haute couture shades of Saddle Blonde and Hessian.

Shift Collection 2017: Gianni D’Assero uses a long layered cutting technique to create softness around the face.

Shift Collection 2017: Renee Valerie creates a relaxed and romantic look, using tones of Peach Chiffon and Apricot.

Shift Collection 2017: Anthony Mascolo shows how to achieve this post-punk razored cut.