How does colour affect our moods? And what shades should we focus on right now? Colour expert, Susanna Merrick, explains in this interview.

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This is definitely a not-to-be-missed session between TIGI US Technical Director, Renee Valerie and Susanna Merrick, a Brooklyn-based intuitive stylist. With her ability to see and feel auras, Susanna analyses energy to help clients look and feel their best by using the healing power of colour.

In this fascinating interview, Susanna explains how she takes a holistic approach to colour to help people look and feel good about themselves. Colour, she says, can support your energy levels and change your mood, bringing about a better quality to your life.

When asked what colours are good for our moods right now, she cites pink (and the popularity of pink hair) as a colour for self-care and femininity, which also brings about feelings of kindness. She goes on to explain why we should be wearing yellow, cobalt blue and orange, and agrees with Renee that green is a good choice to get us all back on track while releasing our organisational energy.

Importantly she also impresses how hairdressers can help their clients through these difficult times. “You can bring light and joy to your clients,” she says. “Get creative, take time to lift them up; you’re the catalyst for the conversation and remember, the power is in you!”

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