From salon campaigns to competition work, Akos Bodi and photographer, Alex Barron-Hough, explain the different approaches and processes to hairdressing photography.

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To get the most out of a photoshoot, whether you are entering awards or wanting to create an image for your salon, you need to have a good understanding with your photographer and the studio team of makeup artists, stylists and art directors.

Two people who have a wealth of experience in this field are TIGI European Creative Director, Akos Bodi, and TIGI photographer, Alex Barron-Hough. In this in-depth conversation, the pair share their thoughts and experiences so you can get the most out of future shoots and at the same time can take inspiration from their ideas.

Together they talk through the different disciplines of campaign shoots, image collections, reportage, avant-garde imagery, editorials, street shoots and educational work.

Discussing shoots with hairdressers for their salon campaigns, they emphasising upon creating the right vibe for the salon and the right looks to appeal to the clientele.

They talk about the specific requirements for award imagery impressing how there is always a more emotional vibe to the shoot and how the end image should be cropped to make the look truly stand out.

Akos, who often art directs shoots, explains the importance of reining back so you don’t throw everything you’ve got into a shot. And equally, he highlights the need for overall leadership to make the day run smoothly.

The pair go on to describe shoots they have done for TIGI Couture, where the outfit dictates the outcome of the hair; outside shoots, where the weather factor always has to be considered, and explain elements that need to be captured at fashion shows.

“Shooting is like storytelling,” says Akos. “On editorial shoots, there is a certain formula, but the casting is always massive. When it comes to shoots for TIGI brands, the correct identity is important for wide appeal, diverse looks and different textures.”

Today, shooting hair images has changed dramatically with the development of social media but, even with the ease of shooting digitally, the pair highlight the importance of understanding how an image translates from ‘live’ to 2D and 3D.

If you want to get into hair photography as a session hairdresser or indeed, as a photographer Akos and Alex advise being an assistant whenever you can, researching to get new ideas, practising techniques to improve your skills and being always being well-prepared.

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