Skin testing requirements before using our fully intermixable colour range.

As a leading manufacturer of haircare, styling products and hair colour, we take our responsibility for the safety of Hairdressers and their clients very seriously. Like with all hair colour brands, allergic reactions to the product are extremely rare. However, it is important that you and your staff are aware of the risks involved and feel confident in minimising them for your clients.


Quite simply, being Colour Wise involves carrying out an Allergy Alert Test (AAT) on every client/model at least 48 hours to 2 weeks before colouring their hair, using the exact shade(s) that will be used during the service. If no reaction occurs, you’re good to go!

During these unprecedented times, we know that safety for your employees and clients is the #1 priority. That is why we have updated the Colour Wise documentation to include an additional Allergy Alert Test method. This alternative method called Reduced-Contact Allergy Alert Test significantly reduces the physical interaction between salon personnel and the client, to ensure a safer environment for everyone.

The Colour-Wise Consultation cards are still valid as a means of assessing whether the client needs a skin test provided that:-

  • The same shade and colour process will be used,
  • The time elapsed since the last visit has not exceeded 6 months.

HOWEVER, lockdown measures affected appointment frequency and considering that some clients may have used home dye without disclosing it to their stylists, we strongly recommend that a skin test is carried out when clients are returning to salons. Please follow the below link to your local Colour Wise testing documents.

Should you or your clients experience any adverse reaction please report it to your local TIGI Careline:

UK & FRANCE: 01525 621460
US: 855 484 4441
AU: 1800 888 019
NZ: 0800 900 024

In the case of a severe allergic reaction, always ensure medical assistance is sought first.

For more information on TIGI Copyright Colour or Skin testing CONTACT US or speak to your TIGI Representative for more information. You can find further information on TIGI Colour Wise at