Japanese hairdressers show their creativity with TIGI Copyright in this exclusive photo shoot.

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February 1st marks the launch of TIGI Copyright Care in Japan. Over the last 18 months, under very difficult circumstances, TIGI Asia Creative Director, Gen Itoh, has worked closely with the TIGI Japanese distributor, Gamo, to launch the brand in Japan.

After much research Gamo and Gen have initially chosen seven flagship salons right across Japan to join the TIGI Asia Team. As Gen says, “The chosen salons are from Hokkaido, in the far north of Japan, right down to Kyushu in the far south, from the cities of Sapporo, Sendai, Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukota. We are very honoured to have these salons join us. They are all individual, highly creative and inspirational hairdressers.”

To celebrate the launch of TIGI Copyright, and the salons joining TIGI as flagships, Gen art directed the salon teams for a special shoot for Izanagi magazine. The overall aim of the project was to create two different looks on one model, each look projecting a different, individual feeling, showcasing the versatility of TIGI Copyright styling and finishing products.

As you can see here, the results speak for themselves! The collection of styles shows diversity in artistry and the exciting choice of products used to give the desired effect for the finished looks. Demonstrating different textures and moods, the stylists created hair styles that reveal the individuality and expanse of TIGI Copyright Create.

With a total of 250,000 salons across Japan, Gen says there is certainly a lot of potential to invite other salons to join TIGI as flagships and, of course, today’s launch is just the beginning.


Model with cropped short curly hair
Model with sleek cropped bowl hair cut

Created by Takashi Moriyama, JANE

Takayuki Moriyama shows how to totally transform a look and form with a minimal cutting technique. Here’s how it was achieved.

Look 1

  1. Apply Colour Lustre Oil and Firm Hold Curl Cream to wet hair.
  2. Use a pin-curl technique to enhance model’s natural movement.
  3. Dry hair with a diffuser to create a soft curl and natural finish.

Look 2

  1. Cut hair to a short bob, with the fringe sitting just above the eyes.
  2. Apply Multi Tasking Stying Cream then blow-dry smooth.
  3. Use straightening irons to create a sleek and minimal look.


Model with short yellow hair

Created by Seima Hayashi, Femme

Model with short cropped ice blonde silver hair

Here, Seima Hayashi creates two very different expressions and moods by changing the texture and colour of the hair.

Look 1

  1. Distribute Firm Hold Curl Cream through wet hair, style to the desired shape and visually dry to create both curl and movement.

Look 2

  1. Apply Texturising Salt Spray to wet hair and blow-dry to create volume.
  2. To finish, apply Colour Lustre Oil to add shine and emphasise the hair colour.


Model with loose curly brunette hair
Model with ponytail and curly bangs

Created by Yoshinori Shimazu, EME Hair Brands

Yoshinori Shimazu shows the endless versatility of curls, transitioning from a playful, childlike innocence to a cool, editorial, grown-up look.

Look 1

  1. Apply Heat Protection Spray to wet hair, then dry.
  2. Use a small curling iron, starting at the roots, to create volume and movement.
  3. Finish with Texturising Salt Spray to loosen the curls and add texture.

Look 2

  1. Spray Maximum Hold Hairspray all over, leaving out the front area around the face.
  2. Use a straightening iron to flatten the hair and pull back tight to the head.
  3. With a curling wand, tong the hair around the face and finish with Colour Lustre Oil to add shine and create contrast.


Model wearing pink jacket, with loose wavy hair
Model with loose dishevelled hair

Created by Yuuki Sawai, Qin

For an effortlessly cool look, Yuuki Sawai plays with form and shape by using the model’s natural movement and hair texture.

Look 1

  1. Mix together equal parts Colour Lustre Oil with Firm Hold Curl Cream.
  2. Apply to hair and dry freehand to enhance the hair’s natural movement.
  3. Style and shape the hair into a square form for extra impact.

Look 2

  1. Use gold hair pins to create the desired shape, and colour with make-up to complement the natural hair colour.
  2. Apply Colour Lustre Oil to hair around the face to create a wet look effect.
  3. Give remaining hair a dry texture to create contrast. “On the shoot, we used wind to exaggerate the movement and texture of the hair,” shares Yuuki.


Model with soft black and blonde mullet
Model with choppy black and blonde mullet

Created by Takuma Yoshimatsu, IZA

Takuma Yoshimatsu had fun playing with a contrast of two different textures for this style, creating both dry and wet look hair.

Look 1

  1. On dry hair, apply Creamy Finishing Wax all over to create movement.
  2. Add Colour Lustre Oil to chosen areas to add shine and defined texture.
  3. Finish with Revitalising Dry Shampoo to add dry texture and contrast against the shine areas.

Look 2

  1. To create a dry texture all over, apply Creamy Finishing Wax with Revitalising Dry Shampoo.
  2. To finish, apply a small amount of Creamy Finishing Wax to a few pieces to add detail.


Model with loose brunette waves
Model with 90s inspired brunette textured hair

Created by Hiroyuki Onodera, YOKE

Using a modern lob haircut as a base, Hiroyuki Onodera shows how to create elegance and high fashion.

Look 1

  1. Apply Colour Lustre Oil to wet hair, then dry.
  2. Use medium curling tongs to create movement, working away from the face and releasing the ends.
  3. Brush through hair once with a wide tooth comb to loosen hair.
  4. Apply Texture Putty to create separation and natural texture.
  5. Lock the style with Maximum Hold Hairspray.

Look 2

  1. Use large curling tongs on the ends of the hair to create a slight flick.
  2. Wind random pieces of the surface hair around the tongs to create natural texture and movement.
  3. Mix Texture Putty with Multi Tasking Stying Cream and a small amount of water, then apply through hair.
  4. At the front, pull some pieces out of the fringe area, then keep in place with Maximum Hold Hairspray.


Model with long wavy purple, pink and green hair
Model with 90s inspired purple, pink and green hair in braided space buns

Created by Nogio, GENIC by Nogio

Nogio creates two very different looks to express the model’s mood, from loose, textured, boho waves to fun and playful braided buns, perfect for festival styling.

Look 1

  1. Use two different sizes of curling tongs to create random waves.
  2. Tilting the head upside down, apply Texturising Salt Spray and Maximum Hold Hairspray to add volume and texture.

Look 2

  1. Mix Colour Lustre Oil with Firm Hold Curl Cream and apply all over.
  2. Create a zigzag parting from the front to the radial.
  3. Take two sections and divide each into four strands. Braid and twist into place, securing both buns either side of the head “like Mickey Mouse”.

Feeling inspired? Discover the creative possibilities of TIGI Copyright for yourself. Speak to your TIGI representative or contact us to become a stockist.

  • Hair: Yoshinori Shimazu
  • Seima Hayashi
  • Nogio
  • Takuma Yoshimatsu
  • Takashi Moriyama
  • Yuuki Sawai
  • Hiroyuki Onodera
  • Art Direction: Gen Itoh
  • Publisher: Izanagi Magazine
  • Photographer: Tee