Fuse speaks with multi-award winning colourist Gina Khan about her business success, inspiration, and love for TIGI Copyright.

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Gina Khan, owner of the successful Salon Nine in San Francisco, California, is a multi-award winning colourist and TIGI US Copyright Colour Spokesperson. We caught up with Gina, who shared the key to her salon business success and why, four years after switching to TIGI Copyright, she has never looked back.

How did you develop your passion for colour?

Gina: Quite by accident! I started my career in hair cutting and then went into salon management. One day we had no colourists in the salon so I decided the only way to grow the colour business was to start learning it myself so I could fill in for absent colourists. I travelled around the US on my weekends and attended as many colour events as I could find. I would return to the salon and constantly practice techniques. After a few classes and doing colour in the salon, I grew to absolutely love it and about a year in I gave up cutting. I’ve never looked back!

San Francisco is a very vibrant city; is this one of your key inspiration sources or do you take your ideas from a more global perspective?

Gina: Inspiration is truly everywhere, we just have to walk through life with our eyes wide open and pay attention to what’s happening right in front of us. But my biggest inspiration comes from the clients in my chair. To be able to create a beautiful colour that fits them, enhances their beauty and brings them joy inspires me daily!

How do you develop your colour trends and what are you working on for 2020?

Gina: I am much more of a classic colourist than Avant Garde! I do like to create fresh, modern looks for my clients. My philosophy is to follow the trends but not be trendy; this way the looks I create for my clients are timeless and flattering for them.

Can you tell us what kind of clients you have at Salon 9? 

We truly have a very wide variety of clients at Salon 9, from both young to mature, and avant-garde to classic.

How has TIGI Copyright Colour worked for their hair?

TIGI Copyright has been a real boost for our business because we are able to create a huge variety of shades to flatter our clients’ skin tones.

Has your colour business increased?

Yes! Our colour business has definitely had an upswing since we introduced TIGI Copyright Colour five years ago. It gives us the tools to be as creative or classic as we need. The colour and shine are truly long lasting.

What services do you offer clients and are these tailored to their needs?

We do all colour services, from a single process root touch up to global bleaches, to colour painting, panelling, highlighting and corrective colour.

You are a multi-award-winning hairdresser, what drives you to achieve your success?

I play to win! My parents always encouraged us to be the best at whatever we set out to do. I have never forgotten that advice and along with a lot of hard work it paid off.

Since becoming TIGI’s US hair spokesperson, how has this influenced you and your work?

 It has made me a better colourist. Being a spokesperson brings with it the responsibility to be authentic and truthful. I know as an educator I have helped numerous colourists to improve and enjoy their work.

You have a strong team with a great reputation. How do you educate your team and support their career growth?

I have spent a lot of my life educating fellow hairdressers. I have always hired from beauty schools and have a rigorous training program to create a strong culture in the salon, as well as a highly skilled team. We offer a career path from trainee to master colourist. I believe ongoing education creates great success and less stress.

You worked with Anthony and the TIGI Creative Team on a new project for TIGI Copyright Colour. What do you love about using the products and how have your clients reacted?

I LOVE Gloss. We use it on at least 85% of our clients. It’s a special range of ammonia-free colour so is a great solution for our chemically conscious clients. I love how versatile it is, giving me multiple options for my services; from toning to grey blending, or grey coverage to creating hybrid formulas for even more options. From pastel mauves, pinks and silvers to brilliant reds and coppers, to whipped creme… Gloss does it all!

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