Sliding into your DMs with top tips to get you and your salon Instagram ready for 2020.

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Now that the busy holiday season is behind us, the New Year offers the perfect moment to reflect on your successes over the last year and plan your business goals for the year ahead. As we kick off 2020, we’ll be sharing some ideas and advice to help you grow your salon business over the next 12 months.

First, we’re looking at the all-important world of digital marketing and social media. Instagram and Facebook are your digital windows for attracting new clients, as well as keeping your existing clients tuned into your work and salon life between appointments. Because it can be difficult to keep up with the latest app developments and updates, we’ve summed up essential steps to help you get started.

Turn it into a team adventure by involving all staff members who may be more digitally savvy and will have fun with it.


We all know everyone and everything is on social media in today’s digital world, but let’s start off by looking at the benefits of investing in this area of your business.

  1. It’s a great way to recruit new clients who haven’t yet heard of you.
  2. It allows you to promote new products and services to keep clients interested.
  3. A place to showcase the versatility of your salon services.
  4. And promote your staff’s work.
  5. You can become more approachable by showcasing how you contribute to your local community.


Before you get started with creating beautiful content, consider the following points to get you set for success.

  1. Identify your priority platform. Where do your clients search for inspiration and engage with hair content the most? Instagram? Pinterest? Facebook?
  2. Define what content your clients would most like to see. Consider hair transformations, products and deals, behind the scenes, the salon team, or areas of your salon set-up.
  3. Identify your salon’s visual identity so your images are consistent and ‘on brand’.
  4. Invest in a ring light. This will help to show hair off at its best!


It might seem obvious but there’s more to creating a salon Instagram account than just posting pictures. Follow these simple steps to get your page looking professional and attracting new business.

  1. Set up a public profile to increase your following and give more reach to your content. Don’t hide your work with a private account!
  2. Create a ‘professional account’ to use Instagram Insights and enable the option to add salon contact details.
  3. Choose a profile photo or a brand logo to help users easily identify your salon.
  4. Create a sharp and searchable bio:
      • Use emojis
      • Add a short phrase to describe what you do or feature relevant hashtags e.g. #balayageexpert
      • Insert a link in your bio so users can check out your website for example. Linktree allows you to incorporate multiple links


As you start taking and posting photos, elevate your content with these tips.

  1. Always keep in mind: the imagery resolution, using full colour, good lighting, camera angle and using a clean background.
  2. Show visible hair transformations. Before and after shots are a great way to show your work.
  3. Create a hashtag relevant to your salon and use appropriate captions to go with your post, including top ranking hashtags.
  4. Experiment with different formats such as boomerangs and short videos.
  5. Frequency: post every day for better engagement from your followers.
  6. Use Instagram Stories to showcase behind-the-scenes and more organic content.


The last thing to consider is expanding the reach of your content. This will help your images to be seen by as many people as possible and hopefully attract new clients.

  1. Use at least three hashtags per post in your feed to amplify your content.
  2. Mention @tigicopyright and @tigiprofessionals to grab our attention and get a chance to be featured on our platforms.
  3. Tag trade accounts to gain fame.
  4. Tag the location where you produce the content to be found by clients in your surrounding area.

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