Award-winning hairdresser, Teiji Ishizawa, shares his latest shoot, inspired by Anthony Mascolo and London life.

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While London and Tokyo may be on other sides of the world, both cities are renowned for setting and inspiring new trends across fashion, design, beauty, and, of course, hairdressing. It was while establishing his career in his native Japan that hairdresser, Teiji Ishizawa, became fascinated by the Avant-Garde hair scene emerging in London in the 1990s. During this time TIGI co-founder, Anthony Mascolo was experimenting evermore with progressive hair techniques and pushed the boundaries within the hairdressing industry.

Anthony’s work sparked Teiji’s imagination, so much so that Teiji decided to move to the UK to learn more about Avant-Garde hairdressing and further develop his creative skills.

“When I was in Japan, I was impressed by the work that Anthony had created with a wig in a hair design book”, explains Teiji. “So, I went to London thinking, “I want to make this kind of work too!” His ideas were amazing! I had no idea how to make such avant-garde work, and there wasn’t much information coming into Japan at that time.”

Teiji (left) with TIGI APAC Creative Director, Gen Itoh

During his time in London, Teiji focused on honing his craft. And, with his passion, commitment, and talent, he became the first Japanese winner of the Avant-Garde category at the British Hairdressing Awards in 2001.

Teiji brought his skills and experience back to Japan, where he works today as Creative Director for the Ash Group in Tokyo. Now, he takes inspiration from his time in London for his latest photoshoot for Izanagi magazine. And the work that first sparked his creativity still inspires him today: “When Anthony’s engine starts, he changes and gives off an indescribable aura.”

First published in Izanagi magazine, supported by GAMO.

  • Hair: Teiji Ishizawa   /  
  • Make-up: Rie Yoshizawa   /  
  • Photographer: Shunichi Oda   /