The holiday season is upon us. Here's how to look after your salon team during the busy festive period.

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Your team members are your best ambassadors. Caring and investing in them is your key to better staff retention and motivation.

Here are some easy and meaningful ways you can look after every single member of your team during the busy, and often hectic, pre-holiday period in the salon.

INCENTIVISE your team and reward your highest performers.

REWARD your staff’s commitment by offering loyalty cards to their friends and family.

SHOWCASE your team’s talent with an inspirational mood board at the reception area.

BRAINSTORM at the start the week with a 30 minute team meeting. Encourage your staff to share ideas on new services or processes to keep your pre-holiday appointment book organised.

CUSTOMISE your salon’s service menu to fit seasonal trends and clients’ favourite services, making your holiday services flow!

MOTIVATE your team with an inspiring education plan for 2020, offering programmes and new skills. Take a look at our education calendars to start your training plan.

THANK your staff. A thank you at the end of the day goes a long way, particularly during busy, stressful times!

  • Photography: Alex Barron-Hough