Give your clients a dose of post-Summer care to get their hair looking healthy and beautiful for the Winter.

As we move away from the glorious vibes of Summer, turn the clocks back, the heating on and snuggle in sweaters and coats, our clients will welcome an after-summer hair recovery plan.

So why not complete your clients’ autumn transformations, with an updated colour and a healthy hair routine to follow in-salon and at home, courtesy of TIGI Copyright.


Sea water, chlorine-filled pool water, harmful UV rays and extreme heat can all cause damage to the hair and distract the moisture balance of the scalp, leading to hair shredding and dryness.

Start your client’s recovery journey by stripping the hair from the build-up of oils, UV protectants, stylers and pollutants with TIGI Copyright Clarifying Shampoo. The gentle formula is enriched with Colour Care Complex™; a blend of Keratin, Lipids and Coconut Oil, to leave the hair deeply cleansed and soft to touch.

To restore the internal moisture balance of the hair and recover manageability, smooth the cuticle, with TIGI Copyright Booster Treatment for Smooth Hair. The perfect treatment for clients returning from sunny getaways over the autumn and winter months.

For some at-home indulgence, and gentle scalp-care, Copyright Care Scalp Shampoo, enriched with Tea Tree Oil, provides moisturising and cleansing benefits for both the scalp and the hair follicles, whilst anti-bacterial Zinc Pyrithione cleanses away the ‘nasties’ that cause irritation.


Autumn is the perfect time to kick off a healthy hair transformation journey for your clients. During your consultation, assess the levels of breakage, porosity and elasticity of your clients’ hair to help them choose their personal healthy hair goals.

For clients suffering from breakage, dryness and split ends, start their healing journey in the salon with TIGI SOS and Split End Mending Service.

The fast-acting TIGI SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment, formulated with keratin, collagen and amino acids, reaches deep into the hair fibre to repair and strengthen hair protein structures. At the same time, conditioning molecules treat any surface damage to leave the hair feeling smooth, strong and healthier looking.

To help your clients maintain their healthy hair journey at home, recommend TIGI Copyright Care repair shampooconditioner. Its keratin-enriched formula has recently been awarded best shampoo & conditioner for dry hair in the 2019 hair awards by Hair Magazine.


Whether you’re taking your client’s colour from light summer styles to darker shades, or experimenting with autumnal reds, coppers and mahogany, TIGI Copyright Care is the perfect range to complement TIGI Copyright Colour, maintaining a healthy glow and prolonging colour brightness.

‘Fall favourite’ reds tend to fade faster than any other colour. The large molecules of red dyes are the first ones to wash away when the hair is over-washed or cleansed regularly with sulphate containing shampoos. To maintain the vibrancy of customised autumnal-inspired shades such as reds, coppers, chestnut browns or cinnamon spice, use TIGI Copyright Colour Shampoo and Conditioner and treat the hair with Copyright Care Smooth and Shine Boosters.


Every colour client wants to be able to keep their colour looking fresh between salon visits, so recommend Copyright Colour Shampoo & Conditioner and, to every wash or a weekly mask add a custom combination of Boosters. And, as the perfect styling and finishing product, use Copyright Colour Lustre Oil for vibrant shine between Gloss services.


Your blonde balayage clients, and brunettes looking for autumnal dimension, will want to walk out of the salon with healthy hair and soft-feeling highlights.

That’s why we infused True Light Freestyle Blonder with the unique Anti-Breakage Arginine Complex, which helps to care for your client’s hair during the lightening process, resulting in stronger, healthier hair.

For added strength, partner Freestyle Blonder with TIGI Copyright SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment during lightening services. Its blend of Keratin, Collagen and Amino Acids fortifies and protects the hair, providing resilience and reducing the level of damage before, during and after the lightening process.


Humidity and shifting temperatures makes frizz a leading concern for many clients during the colder months. To keep your clients’ hair hydrated and less prone to frizz, start with a trimming service to get rid of split ends and create a treatment plan to prolong frizz-free results:

  • Schedule regular trims for your clients and maintain the results with Copyright Split End Repair Cream. It’s formulated with a Bonding Complex, to reverses the effect of split ends and help reduce frizz.
  • Recommend your clients use TIGI Copyright Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner with humectants, such as glycerine, and hydrating ingredients such Giant Kelp.
  • Mask the frizz with an in-salon treatment using Hydrating Booster treatment for Smooth Waves and recommend the retail Boosters for a weekly at-home mask to bring moisture back into the hair fibre.
  • To prolong the impact of regular treatments, use smart stylers to lock in the moisture and help seal the cuticle, such as our Colour Lustre Oil or the Multi-Tasking Styling Cream
  • Shield hair from heat and friction with Copyright Heat Protection Spray, for UV protection and heat from styling tools. And recommend the ideal combs and brushes and silk or microfiber accessories that work well with your client’s hair type.

Find out more about the full range of care and styling at or contact us today.