Cooler months call for rich, vibrant shades, but are your clients properly maintaining their hair colour? Recommend these tips for beautiful long-lasting colour. 

Let’s face it, we all love a beautiful colour service but hair colour fade is one of the most irritating problems for clients with coloured hair. And, at times like this, when it isn’t always possible to know when clients will next be able to book in with you, the problem is worsened.


Taking care of hair after a colour service is paramount. So, whether you’re in a country currently under lockdown or not, it’s important to share advice on colour maintenance on your social media platforms, websites or newsletters, as well as directly to clients in the salon. By providing your clients with personal care advice, you’re showing your clients what’s best for their hair and, importantly, how to maintain their colour and style at home. Don’t forget, discussing colour care during the consultation and service is a great way to upsell take-home products.

Whether a colour is vibrant, a subtle toner, or a beautiful highlighting service, over time, sadly, it will fade. Key factors on the length of time a colour will last depend on the intensity of tone, the amount of pigment in the colourant and the type of hair canvas you’re working with.


Before deciding on a colour change, make sure your clients understand the differences and commitment involved.

Intense shades, especially reds, fade the fastest because crimson pigment molecules found in hair are larger in red colours than brown and black pigments.

One redhead currently embracing her natural colour and texture is Nicole Kidman, whose curly red hair has been the talking point of the newly launched HBO mini-series ‘The Undoing’ in which she stars with Hugh Grant. Fans have taken to Twitter since the first episode, gushing over Kidman’s hair. So don’t be surprised if clients start asking for red tones over the next few weeks, (and maybe even a spiral perm!)

Pastel toners also tend to fade faster due to a lower number of pigments in the formulation, and because a high percentage of pastel shades are created on previously lightened hair that has become slightly sensitized.


Prepare hair for colour services

TIGI Copyright Care SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment adds up to 100x more keratin in one single application. This can help reset a sensitised hair structure, taking it to a healthier, more manageable state. This a fantastic in-salon service and should be recommended to colour clients when they have their pre-colour consultation.

Keep it cool

Hot water adds to colour fade as this slightly swells the cuticle and allows colour to seep out. So ensure you educate your clients on the temperature of the water they should be using at home to shampoo their hair, explaining why it is preferable to use warm water. Remember, up to 80% of colour fade can be caused by the water being too hot, so this is an important message to share.

Reduce wash frequency

Of course, it’s not just the temperature that affects colour longevity, as washing hair can increase fade. Advise your clients to reduce the frequency of hair washing, and reach for the dry shampoo between washes. TIGI Copyright Revitalising Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oils that weigh down hair, perfect for a refresh when needed.

When they do wash, make sure it’s with the right products. All TIGI Copyright Care shampoos and conditioners are enriched with Colour Care Complex™, an expert blend of Keratin, Lipids and Coconut Oil to help keep hair looking vibrant at the backbar and home.

Protect against heat

Heated appliances are also known to increase colour fade. The heat from hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners is not just damaging to hair but also compromises colour. So tell your clients to protect their hair from heat and over-drying, recommending they use TIGI Copyright Care Heat Protection Spray which provides heat protection up to 230°C/446°F. Clients can apply all over before blow-drying, or to each section before the use of straighteners and tongs.

Use UV protection

The ultraviolet rays in sunlight are harmful to your hair, making it dry, brittle and dull, but not only that, the UV rays break down the chemical bonds in your hair, making colour fade. While the sun in Northern Europe and much of North America is not as strong in the winter months, remember, we are advised to protect our skin from UVA and UVB throughout the year, and protecting your hair is also recommended.

Within the TIGI Copyright Care range, there are several products offering UV protection including Heat Protection Spray, Colour Lustre Oil, Creamy Finishing Wax, Volume Lift Spray, Multi-Tasking Styling Cream and Texture Putty.


Providing aftercare advice is part and parcel of providing a professional service so it shouldn’t be considered an optional extra. It should be an integral part of the service that every client receives.

Keep hair healthy with at-home treatments.

As with any chemical service, the components used in the hair colouring process can leave the hair more porous so to maintain optimal integrity, moisture, and colour longevity, it’s paramount to use the correct aftercare. Regular treatments, both in the salon and at home, are advisable with all colour clients to maintain optimal hair health.

TIGI Copyright Care has the luxury of enabling clients to create bespoke treatments at home, with the Booster range.

Repair Booster enhances up to 7 days’ worth of lost keratin, ensuring the internal structure is supported, and boosts cellular repair of chemically damaged hair with its expertly formulated treatment, containing concentrated Keratin Bond Complex™. The result is 96% less breakage, making the hair feel dramatically softer and stronger after just one use.

With its Shield Lipid Complex™, Smooth booster makes hair up to 62% smoother. Enriched with 18MEA-40, and designed to replenish the lipids lost from the cuticle through heat styling, this genius treatment seals in moisture. Infused with bamboo extract, it provides anti-humidity and frizz-fighting benefits.

For the ultimate cuticle alignment, Shine Booster increases the reflective index of hair colour, giving your clients up to 75% more shine. It boosts cuticle reflection with its specially formulated treatment, making colours look even brighter. The exclusive oil blend with coconut oil and cassia leaf oil treats the dulling effects of colouring and styling. Your clients can expect glossy movement, vibrant colour and light-reflecting shine after just one use.

Recommend colour-safe shampoos and conditioners

More than anything, having a great wash and care regime, using products suited to coloured hair, helps promote healthy hair and colour longevity.

TIGI Copyright Colour Shampoo and Conditioner are sulphate free and have a special formulation to nourish colour. Importantly, the creamy formula of these sulphate-free cleansers helps defend against colour-induced fade. Expertly blended with Keratin and Coconut Oil the duo help keep colour illuminated and vibrant with up 99% less breakage.

For blondes, recommend Toning Shampoo to illuminate hair with cool-toned shine. Infused with violet pigments and sulphate-free cleansers it helps to neutralise brassy tones.

Repair Shampoo and Conditioner help repair damaged, breakage-prone hair. The Custom Care™ Repair System strengthens bonds within the hair fibre and smooths external damage, so hair is protected against future damage, getting better with every wash.

While these shampoos and conditioners are particularly recommended for coloured hair needs, all TIGI Copyright Care wash and care are colour safe.

Whenever you give a colour service, offer your clients advice so they always have a good hair day, and importantly share your knowledge on all your platforms so they can keep their hair looking fabulous

Discover more about how TIGI Copyright products can help you create, care and maintain beautiful hair colours. Speak to your TIGI representative or contact us to attend a complimentary product knowledge class. 


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