Are you set for the festive season? We asked salons how they're preparing for the holidays this year.

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Back in June, Pinterest reported ‘seeing significant increases in Christmas searches’ as users sought to escape from COVID-19, and looked forward to what they hoped would be a major post-COVID celebration.

Four months on this feeling of hope for an end to the pandemic has maybe weakened, but the fact remains that people want a diversion from life as it is today, and are looking to the future. That means potentially feeling more festive than ever. So what does this mean for salons?


Well, first of all, it means there is an opportunity. Over the coming weeks, by focusing your social media, organising your retail area, designing promotions and upselling your services, you have a real opportunity to increase your profits, increase the spend of your clients, attract new clients, and attract non-clients to purchase from you.

Shoppers are buying ahead and spending more so encourage purchases with COVID-safe gifting! | Credit: F&M Hairdressing


FUSE spoke to UK salons to see how they are preparing for the Christmas holiday period and found their plans echoed this general trend for early festive planning.

Use social media

Carmen Winstanley from Molbys salon said: “We’re not going to let Coronavirus spoil the Christmas Spirit and we think now is the time to promote it. We’re doing snippets on Instagram and Stories including Christmas trees and elves to decorate our posts. We’re also conducting a poll on Stories to gain feedback and to find out if our clients want to indulge in Christmas Packs for themselves or others. Lots of people have been messaging us to reserve gift packs, so it’s working well.”

Sell with positivity

In the salon, Molbys are selling minis as an aftercare package together with Bed Head and Copyright packs, and this is proving very successful. “I feel because we have had such a terrible time with Coronavirus, it’s about being positive and changing our somewhat negative mindset,” says Carmen. “It’s so important to have that festive approach. We’re not saying Christmas is cancelled; that’s so negative. In fact, we are promoting Christmas in a big way.”

Molbys retail has increased since they reopened in July, and they want to take every advantage of the coming weeks. They’re using their social channels to promote their retailing as well as emailing clients with offers and explaining face to face in the salon.

Create ‘COVID-safe’ displays

At the moment, Carmen isn’t planning any virtual events or click and collect but the receptionist is taking orders and reserving packs for clients. “We have already created our Christmas display and made it very prominent to showcase what’s available. People can clearly see the display and there’s no need to touch anything. We’ve decorated our window and inside the salon, but, for now, we’re not planning anything virtual. But importantly, we’ve been booking up appointments for Christmas.”

Carmen’s final advice: “You have to focus and be on the ball with promotions. I hope we’re organised!”

Take advantage of changing shopping behaviours

At another UK salon, Crackers and Chaps, Donna Thomas is slightly less positive.

“I’m nervous! A lot of my clients think it’s not going to be normal this year. However, we will hopefully be bringing the Christmas Joy to the salon and we certainly are noticing our clients are buying Christmas packs for the sheer indulgence!”

So what ideas is Donna implementing? “Displays are so important. They need to be accessible but with visual contact only.” But is now too early to be approaching Christmas retailing and promotions? “I think it’s best to get it out there early and start promoting, “says Donna. “I think people will be buying better presents for their friends and families due to their lack of personal contact, and not wanting to go on Christmas shopping sprees in shops and stores.”

She adds that it’s really important to get the extra turnover from retail sales. “Historically it’s the busiest time of the year, but this year we fear the number of clients booking up for blow-dries and party hair is going to reduce. Having said that a lot of my clients are getting their hair done for the feel-good factor. July was crazy, and some clients who haven’t returned are now booking for Christmas. As people are avoiding shopping, bringing gift ideas to them is super important. We are certainly noticing clients are buying more retail as they are not getting the kick out of their usual shopping spree. Of course, it also alleviates them taking an extra risk to walk around the shops.”

Incentivise and train staff!

Upselling is important. Donna has staff incentives to encourage selling. “For each box that is sold, the person responsible for the sale puts their name into a box. The more times you sell, the more times your name goes into the box. And the bigger the benefit to you,” she says.

What else is she doing? “I am looking to do training on different ways of promoting Christmas virtually but we’re not doing it yet. Our salon displays are visually as big as possible to help avoid the issue of people wanting or needing to touch. To be honest, we are hoping we still have some gift packs for Christmas as they are already selling well! But we’ll do our usual staff Christmas Jumper Day to add fun to the festive season and, in the meantime, we’re posting on Instagram to promote our click and collect services.”

Have you ordered your TIGI gift sets? Speak to your TIGI representative or contact us today to find out how you can add Bed Head and Copyright packs to your holiday promotions this year.

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