Looking to build your salon's male clientele? Try these tips to boost your business.

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With Father’s Day just around the corner, many salons will be promoting the celebration to entice new male clients and treat existing customers. But how do you keep men coming back and recruit new clients throughout the other eleven months of the year?

Men’s Business is Big Business

“Men are taking more pride in their appearance and seeing the value in looking and feeling their best,” says Anthony Mascolo, TIGI Co-Founder and International Artistic Director. “With the boom in barbers and men-only salons, it’s important hairdressing salons grow their men’s business, through educating their team, creating a welcoming vibe for men, and providing products created specifically for them.”

Many salons focus most, if not all, of their marketing efforts on women, and often overlook potential male customers. But, there are definite benefits to growing this area of your business:

QUICK. Most men spend about 30-45 minutes in the chair, and women can spend up to 3 hours. They’re an easy way to fill shorter gaps in the appointment book.

FREQUENT. While the impact of COVID may have slowed down appointments, the average man gets a haircut more regularly throughout the year compared to women.

SPENDERS. Men are more likely to take your expert product advice, and their average basket spend is increasing, so they’re great for retail sales.

Are you enticing male clients to your salon?

7 Ways to Grow Your Men’s Business

Here, we’ve put together a few tips to help you take advantage of the opportunity offered by the fast-growing men’s hair and grooming market.

  1. Know your men. Ensure your staff are confident with male trends, cuts and techniques such as clipper cutting and facial hair grooming. You wouldn’t let your colourist apply colour without training, so invest in education. If you have a unisex salon, it pays to have at least one men’s expert as they can also build up a loyal male client base. Book your team on an upcoming men’s class.
  2. Spread the word. Most salons have Facebook and Instagram accounts, but many are geared exclusively towards women. Don’t forget about the men. Talk to them, show them what you can do and show them what you offer for men.
  3. Leverage existing female customers. Many female clients will have men in their lives, so use this to your advantage. Speak to them and reward them for bringing in new male clients to your salon.
  4. First impressions. If men don’t know you cater for them, they won’t come in to ask. Take a look at your salon from the outside and ask yourself a couple of questions. Is it appealing to men? Is it obvious that the salon offers services for men? Place some men’s imagery and Bed Head For Men products in the window so they know they’re welcome there.
  5. Speak their language. Whilst men are paying more attention to their appearance, their language is still different to women. Learn how to speak to men in their language. For example, talking about a “fringe” or “bangs” is likely to be out of their comfort zone, so talk about the “front”. Same thing, different language.
  6. Introduce them to other services. While many guys will walk in for just a cut, don’t be afraid to suggest new things such as hair colour, grey blending and facial hair grooming. Even ensuring all male clients have their hair washed before the cut means they are able to experience TIGI wash & care products and increase the likelihood of purchase.
  7. Recommend products. Ensure you tell your clients what products you have used on their hair and why. Recommend the products they need to maintain their look until their next visit. Offer a full range from wash and care to styling, not just a few waxes and gels. Men want choice and advice!

Ensure your team are trained on the latest men’s cutting techniques.

Recommend the right men’s hair products to open retail opportunities.

Build you technical cutting and grooming skills at a TIGI men’s course. Check out the TIGI Education calendar to see what classes are coming up or discover the range of men’s cutting tutorials in the TIGI Fuse Education section.

Try TIGI at your next men’s salon service. Visit to become a stockist and find out more about the full range available.