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You are all desperate to get back to work aren’t you? We hear you, and we fully understand that!

These are very strange times and, talking with some of you over the past weeks, we’ve seen how your goals and objectives have had to change as realisation has hit that your workplace, for the immediate future at least, is going to be very different to the one you left only a couple of months ago.

This week, Germany is allowing hairdressing salons to open, albeit with some heavy restrictions set by the government. Over the coming weeks we’re going to talk to salon owners so they can share their experiences with you and we’ll also show you some of the new material salons are using to communicate these ‘rules’ with their clients.

And, as other countries are allowed to return to work, we’ll be looking at the different ways they are organising their salons, their teams and their businesses.

TIGI is working behind the scenes to offer you support with practical ideas and new business drivers to get your salons moving. Importantly too, via digital communication, Anthony Mascolo and the TIGI Creative Team are constantly looking at ways to keep your motivation high and we promise you, they are working on some exciting projects!

Perhaps though, it’s important to always keep in mind the wonderful relationship all hairdressers have with their clients. There are many women out there longing to get their regrowth sorted out, desperate for a new haircut or wanting a complete transformation to make themselves feel good. For sure, some clients may have feelings of fear going into your salon and may be confused when faced with the changes that have had to be made. When you communicate with them just remind yourself how much they value your professionalism. It’s very important every member of your salon team is prepared; so they have confidence to manage the new situation. Your clients are going to need empathy and sympathy, so are your team members. Whilst your salon remains closed, start thinking now how you will communicate with your clients.

We’ll be sharing information as soon as we hear anything that can help you with this transition and please remember, our team is always available to give you personal guidance.

So this is an introduction to our business focus during the month of May, where we will be sharing ideas, information and help for you, your staff and your clients.