From the TIGI archives: a conceptual collection representing renewal and the ultimate rebirth of hair.

Anthony Mascolo develops new creative concepts from many different starting points. His inspiration may come from a film, fashion, music, street style, the TIGI Creative Team or from a new product innovation. From the original starting point, he then draws in his closest team members to develop the idea into a creative visual process.

The film came from a starting point of Hair Reborn. Anthony developed the innovative idea of the renewal and replenishment of hair into a unique story that encompassed a vision of rebirth. To illustrate this visually, Anthony, his wife, Pat Mascolo, and the TIGI Creative Team travelled to Iceland to make a short film, directed by Michael Lindsay.

The resulting imagery goes beyond hairstyling, reaching into mystery and pureness. From the swirling waters and tumbling waterfalls on the moon-like Icelandic landscape, a model rises from the bubbling lake, her hair falling in shiny, gelled waves. As she steps onto the frozen landscape she portrays the concept of absolute renewal.