Exploring the world of hair, Anthony and Pat Mascolo present Infringe Issue #3: An anthropology of hair.

Amazingly, Anthony and Pat Mascolo have worked together for almost 40 years. Looking for new creative stimulus, four years ago they came up with the idea of creating a platform for their own artistic work. The original thought was the creation of a visual online magazine to show their work, linking digital content to social media.

Very quickly the original concept went beyond the first plan and ‘INFRINGE, An Anthropology of Hair’, was born. Whilst INFRINGE is firstly about hair, it not only appeals to hairdressers but also to artists, photographers and people within the world of beauty and fashion for whom hair is an important aspect of their work. It took 12 months to finalise the website, the social media pages and finally, in 2017 the launch of the first issue of INFRINGE magazine. A year later, they have now launched the third issue of the creative magazine.

INFRINGE is so different to anything Anthony and Pat have done in the past and their passion for hair has been re-ignited.  It just goes to show, that if you keep doing something, but always refresh what you do, you can continue to learn. In pulling together the material for INFRINGE they’ve seen hair as a true force, culturally, socially and emotionally.

It’s an ever-evolving process, with fascinating content by contributors from across the globe, as well as Anthony’s own TIGI Creative Team. Anthony says “It’s been exciting to create INFRINGE and it’s a journey that’s just begun.”

"You have to constantly progress your work to maintain your own creativity and passion."

Anthony Mascolo


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