Editorial & Avant Garde

Akos Bodi reveals the secrets to achieving some of TIGI’s most iconic avant garde hair creations.

One year on, we reminisce and celebrate the creativity of the 2019 TIGI European Convention.

There’s more to being a muse than just a good model.

In celebration of her birthday and World Earth Day, Fuse looks at some of TIGI’s best collaborations with the punk Queen of Eco.

TIGI and stylist, Jiv D create Recycled Couture, highlighting our relationship with brands and environment.

Exploring the world of hair, Anthony and Pat Mascolo present Infringe Issue #3: An anthropology of hair.

From the TIGI archives: a conceptual collection representing renewal and the ultimate rebirth of hair.

From the TIGI archives: a look back at the experimental and colourful alta moda collection, Paint.

Luke Benson and Christel Lundqvist collaborate on this striking shift of cut and colour.